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My husband recently asked me if I would consider getting rid of my rocking chair, as our home is getting a bit cramped with stuff. 

No. No way. Not gonna happen.

That rocking chair was a gift from my sister when I was expecting my baby. In the late stages of pregnancy, I would sit in it to rest, put my feet up on the ottoman and look around at the nursery, excited and scared about my future as a mom.

That rocking chair was my spot after my son was born. Through all the sleepless nights and long days of having a new baby, my rocker was a comfortable place to sit, nurse, snack, doze, laugh, cry, sing, and daydream. 

Now that my son is older, the rocking chair has moved from his room to the guest room, to the garage, and to the living room, it’s current home. It will have to be moved again at Christmas, so we can put up the tree.

But as long as I have a say about it, the rocker will stay in our home. Even if I never sit in it again, the memories I have made in that rocking chair will last my entire lifetime. 

Sorry, hon. Maybe we could get rid of some of your fishing stuff instead? JK 🙂 

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Rocking chair

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