Microblog: Hopping Aboard the Ebook Train


I Love reading. I love getting caught up in a good book. Few things make me happier than a bubble bath and page turner. But recently our libraries are closed, and as much as I love buying a crisp new book from Amazon I would go broke if I kept buying copies for myself.

So I tried Ebooks for the first time ever and I am hooked! I no longer mindlessly scroll my phone, I pull it out with purpose and squeeze in a few pages here and there through out the day. Waiting in lines, waiting rooms, or even on lunch breaks pulling out my phone and my book are so easy I can’t help but get lost in the stories every spare chance I get. Perhaps my favorite place to read is snuggled up in my cozy covers.

It’s so much easier to pull out my phone than a cumbersome book. And the variety and options available for FREE from our public library system is amazing. My favorite apps are Libby (from Overdrive) and Hoopla.

Ebooks are by far my new favorite thing (I only wish I had discovered them while I was nursing my babies…)