Micro Blog: Mama you are doing great


The other day felt particularly long. And no matter how fast I ran I still felt like I had accomplished nothing. I sent this defeated message to my husband with the preface “I am sending this to you so that I feel accomplished”.

I started my day by listing 10 things I was grateful for.

Then I felt like I should call a friend, and we ended up going on an hour-long walk, and then I held her new baby so she could shower.

And because it was my day off of work I agreed to a bike ride with my 2-year-old simply because I could.

An hour and a half later I attempted to fold a load of laundry while the same adorable 2 year old giggled and destroyed all my piles while giggling and saying “no mama, no laundry!”

I spent exactly one hour looking for my 6 year old’s favorite pair of jean shorts.

In case you’re curious I found them under her bed.

And then before I knew it, it was 3:00 and I was the first in the carpool line because my daughter asked me to be.

And then I still forgot to hang up the curtains.

To the mama who feels like she is not getting “anything done ” after a day in the life. I challenge you to write down what you do in one day and celebrate all those mundane moments and tasks. Those mundane moments are the building blocks to our children’s memories. Mama you are doing great! mama

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Emily is new to the Coastal Bend area but enjoys everything it has to offer! Emily and her husband Landon both grew up in Idaho, and came to Kingsville for her husband’s job as a range and wildlife biologist. Emily graduated with her BSN from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Emily has two amazing children, Ashton (6) and Brooks (16 months). Emily has been a SAHM since Brooks was born and is returning to the nursing field this Fall. When she isn’t adventuring with her family, she loves faking insomnia with a good book, trying (and sometimes failing) new recipes, listening to podcasts and taking a bubble bath.