Celebrating Galentine’s Day all Year Long


Happy Galentine’s Day ladies!

We are seeing posts and messages for Galentine’s & Valentine’s everywhere. Though we should definitely celebrate all the kinds of love in our life, Gal-time is sacred. It is the time we have as mothers to decompress as women and be with our tribe. 

We are all guilty (and I use this word with much sarcasm and air quotes) of not spending enough time with each other.  One day moves to another and suddenly we realize we haven’t had any Galentine’s time since last February.  

I’m here to make a motion that we start celebrating Galentine’s Day ALL. YEAR. LONG.

Who is with me?!

It doesn’t have to be a huge effort or drain on your time – find what works for you and yours and the connections you want to make. I try and make a conscious effort to connect with my ladies in different ways. I have the privilege of a very flexible schedule with my work and my 5 children.  I am typically available a few times a week for a morning walk to keep my heart and my mind healthy. This is also a secret tool of motherhood that we all use – multitasking – walking with my friends allows me to catch up and connect, get exercise in and entertain the baby and dog as well. 

Walking on the BeachWe all have to be intentional with our me time to do what suits us best.  I do have a sacred time once a week where my girlfriends and I practice Pilates.  For the sake of my pelvic girdle and back, Pilates is a must.  We probably get almost the same workout from our Pilates class as we do from the laughing we do together. It’s a time to connect and nourish our bodies and minds together. 

Another must for me is book club – I am an avid reader and am a member of more than one.  Each group is made up of unique, wonderful women whose thoughts and opinions I love to hear. Maybe your jam is everyone get together for OTF or paddleboard, or maybe it’s wine club, whatever it is, make sure it’s something that you love and helps you connect. 

If you don’t have this group and you are looking for it, look in areas you love.  If you enjoy volunteering check out your local Junior League – a group of women volunteers. (If you’d decide to join, let me, Darcy, or Elisabeth know – we are JLCC sisters!)  

If you love religion, seek out your house of worship. If you love to read, your local library has book clubs or shoot us a message to be added to our local book club, PROSE OVER BROS!

Studies have shown that women feel more comfortable de-stressing with women peers than with their partners.  Many times the de-stress is about their partner…. Getting together is important for your psyche and making the time for your people is important – I’m invited to a lunch – tomorrow in fact. I’ve got too much to do and too little time (and it’s before Pilates so I really don’t like to eat heavy), but I’m committed to going to see the ladies because I love them and miss them and want to remind them how important they are in my life.

We are so good at mothering our babies and constantly sending them signals of love and support – we need to go the same for our gals.

Happy Galentine’s Tribe, I hope to take a walk with you soon.