Finding Inspiration in Motherhood


Want to know a secret? Being a mother is hard, and it isn’t always fun. Motherhood is not always tea and cake. Sometimes motherhood makes you cry. Things change fast when you become a mom, and sometimes we get lost in the feelings and thoughts that change is bad. Sometimes we even find ourselves overwhelmed.

Family Fishing Trip at Lake Corpus Christi
Family Fishing Trip at Lake Corpus Christi

So, how do you go about finding inspiration in motherhood?

  1. Watch your children play. Look at the amazing way their imagination works during play time. You helped them feel comfortable with their imaginative side. You see them there, sharing their toys; even hugging other kids when they’re sad. You have taught them compassion! Go ahead, mom, pat yourself on the back!
  2. Get lost in the innocent giggles of your children. Take time to truly enjoy the laughter. These days of unadulterated innocence won’t last forever.
  3. Read books and blogs on motherhood and parenting. Always strive to learn and grow. It is amazing what we can teach our children when we realize that “you learn something new everyday” is true for everyone; including ourselves.
  4. Learn ways to grow as a mother. I know I’m not the mother I envisioned when I got pregnant, so I push myself to grow. Fighting the urge to be harsh or yell, is a good place to start. We can be tough and loving at the same time.
  5. Write a bucket list of things you want to do as a family. It is easy to get lost in the daily monotony of dishes, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and being a taxi driver. Allow yourself time to enjoy your family. Maybe you choose to have a family picnic at a park. A fishing trip, because we all know that most kids would love to dig up the ground to look for worms. Step out of your comfort zone with this bucket list of yours.

    Mommy / Daughter Lunch Date
  6. Ask someone you are close to what they consider the most important thing they have learned about motherhood. Life lessons are the greatest lessons we ever learn. It is ok to learn from other people. The best part, the answers will not be the same. The more people you talk to, the more you’ll find all different kinds of answers. Let your friends and family help you grow.
  7. Ask your parents to tell you what you were like as a child. Do you see similarities between you and your child(ren)? Differences? Those differences are good ways to learn. Those similarities are what helps you understand your child(ren) better. We, moms, know our kids the best. That in itself is pretty inspiring.
  8. Keep a journal. Your journal does not need to be filled with parenting ideas, complaints, or worries. Make a gratitude journal. The idea of a journal is to help us realize our growth. When we grow as people, we also grow as parents.
  9. See yourself the way your children see you. You would be surprised what your children think of you. Ask your kids questions. Really listen to their answers. Think of your own questions. Write them down or record their answers. Do it yearly and watch the changes over time. See their love grow in their own words.
    • How do you know mom loves you?
    • What is your favorite thing mom does?
    • What is your favorite thing to do with mom?

The inspiration in motherhood is to know that we are not meant to be perfect. We are only called to be the mothers that our children need. We are meant to grow and be better tomorrow than we were today. Keep Calm and Grow On, Moms.


  1. I want some tea and cake!

    Seriously though — there are no perfect people in the world, so we Moms need to let go! This is great advice.

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