Celebrating the Age Gap Between My Kids


Celebrating The Age Gap Between My Kids

Growing up I was surrounded by families of various sizes. Many of my best friends came from larger families, and I had cousins with multiple siblings. When my husband and I got married we weren’t the type of couple that knew we wanted a certain amount of kids with in a certain amount of time but we knew we wanted to bring children in to our family. We never discussed having a five year age gap between our kids.

A few years later we had our daughter. She came quickly, and almost by accident so 2 years later when we decided to try for another I never imagined we would find our selves referred to a fertility specialist.

After several years of tears, questions, confusion and anxiety we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy.

My kids are just shy of 5 years apart. I never thought I would have children with that age gap. And I lost a lot of sleep about it when I was expecting. I cried over those perceived “missed” years and wondered if my kids could still be best friends. Would they even care about each other if they had nothing similar or common interests?

I could not have been more wrong. Especially after a few months of home time (Thank you COVID) These two babies of mine have the sweetest relationship. And I am thankful every day for that age gap.

Because of that age gap I had precious 1:1 time with my son during the day, while big Sister was at school.

Because of that age gap I really soaked in every single milestone.

Because of that age gap they can still be play mates, but they can also celebrate their own accomplishments.

Because of that age gap we had such precious years with our daughter as a family of 3, before we became a party of 4. I wouldn’t trade those for anything in the world.

In the end that age gap between my babies has been one of the sweetest blessings. And I am oh so grateful for both of them and the timing that they entered our family.