And the Fourth Place Winner Is…


One day #3 boy and I were at HEB in the produce section.

He told me I was his 4th favorite.


After whom?

He said “I love Jesus first, ’cause you hafta.  Then Dad,  then Benjamin Franklin.  Then you.”

Blink blink.

I’m very happy that he loves Jesus first.  That’s a proud mommy moment.

I suppose that I am happy that my husband has such a close relationship with #3.  Boys with strong attachments to their fathers grow up to be better men. Everyone knows that.

I’m not jealous. I’m happy for my husband.

I’m not even that surprised. When #3 was a baby, he fell asleep on Husband much quicker than when I was holding him. Despite the fact that I am warmer, softer, and squishier… and smell much, much better than Husband. Really, I’m pleased.  Husband deserves to be in the top 2.

Benjamin Franklin.

Uh… why?

He’s never met Benjamin Franklin.  Benjamin Franklin doesn’t loom large in popular culture.  There are no Benjamin Franklin action figures, video games or Lego sets.  So what the eff?

Oh I get it… Benjamins.  C-notes.  Cash.

Except my (then 6 year old) had never seen a 100 dollar bill. Heck, I’ve barely ever seen one. We don’t talk a lot about money and #3 isn’t particularly materialistic.  So that can’t be it.

So WHY??? Why does he love Benjamin Franklin more than he loves ME?

“It’s because Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity.”

Thank you first grade teacher. Thank you for teaching my son so much about Benjamin Frigging Franklin.

I don’t argue, I  just nod my head.

“Hey Mom,” says #3, “I still love you a lot.  I  just really like electricity.  Hey, can we get some green apples too?”

As I begin bagging the green apples, a middle aged gentleman steers his cart around mine.

“You know kid,” he says sagely to #3, “I betcha Benjamin Franklin wouldn’t have got those green apples for you”.

I betcha his Dad wouldn’t have either…

Here he is with his 4th favorite. Apparently Benjamin Franklin is too dead to run a 5K with him
Here he is with his 4th favorite. Apparently Benjamin Franklin is too dead to run a 5K with him





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