A Love Letter to My Job


A Love Letter to My Job 


Today was the first day that all 250 of us logged onto our meeting via zoom from home.

COVID-19 has effected so many people’s lives, including their working life, and today we finally really felt it hit home while we all watched a normally packed town hall center, empty, with just the CEO standing and speaking to an empty crowd. I peered into the homes of many across the company, so many of them parents like myself, watching attentively while they soothed a child, stepped away to get their baby a snack, or helped turn the page of a book.

All of them looking the same: tired, nervous, uncertain, because as much as we were part of this wonderful team, we were also parents, families, not sure when the sense of normalcy would be back and whether or not we would have an actual schedule to ever look forward too. 

Despite all that, one thing keeps us at ease— the integrity and compassion of our company. I don’t know many people out there that have experienced having to zoom with 200+ people, but let me tell you it’s not easy. It’s not easy running a company that size completely virtually, but we are doing it. It’s not easy leading a team you can’t see, but our management is doing it. It’s not easy relying on each other completely when we know that things can change from day-to-day or week-to-week, but we are doing it. I can’t imagine working anywhere else right now as I watch as our company, along with our owner, H-E-B, do what we do best— serve our community. 

Today we are all virtually high-fiving each other and sending well wishes, weeks from now we may be able to do that in person, who knows, but for now, I can say that there is no better place to be than safe at home with my family, as parents this everything. Thank you, Favor Delivery, for allowing us to do that, and thank you to the many runners we have out there as the beating heart and lifeblood of this company, we can’t do this without you.