“You’re Going To Miss It When She Stops Asking”


I am a light sleeper, always have been, but since becoming a mother it’s gotten worse. I can’t stand the light coming from my alarm clock, or the internet modem. Headlights coming down our street will wake me up, and don’t get me started on the snoring dog curled up tight in his bed on the floor. So, it suffices it to say, that I have never been one to allow my children to sleep with me unless they were sick or nursing. I have always made a point to tuck them in and make sure they were snug in their own beds. Recently when my 9-year-old daughter got on a kick of wanting to sleep with us, my sweet husband who is as easy going as they come, has no problem pulling up the covers and letting her hop in and snooze away.

A few weeks ago, I had a few bad nights of sleep in a row and was so looking forward to curling up in my bed for a good restful sleep when once again here comes the tiny voice uttering “Daddy, I can’t sleep.” With a whoosh of the covers once again she was tucked tightly in between myself, my husband and the dog. A tight fit to say it lightly. As she rolled over and smacked me with the heel of her foot, I had had enough!

Tossing her leg off me, I uttered in my most put out mom voice, “Dang it, get your leg off me!” It sounded bad even to my tired frustrated ears. Fast forward to the next morning when my husband shakes his head and remarks about how grouchy I was and then he said something that hit me like a ton of bricks:

“You are going to miss it when she stops asking to sleep with you.”

It gave me pause to say the least.

You see, she is my last baby, my last set of good night snuggles and kisses. My sweet son who is 15 and careening into full blown Teendom gives me a cheek and a hug and hollers goodnight as he heads to bed. He doesn’t allow for any more couch snuggles or bed time tuck ins anymore. I allowed my husband’s words to resonate like a cannon blast to my heart and softened my stance.

Last night when she curled up next to me and batted those ridiculously long eyelashes at me with her request to sleep with mommy, I didn’t hesitate. Instead I tucked her tight in my bed, smooched her whole face and turned out the light.

Sometimes mommas, it’s okay to break the rules. Cherish them when they are small because it really does go by in a flash!

Later that evening after saying goodnight to big brother, I curled up with my girl and slept like a rock.

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Melanie is a working wife and mother of a high school freshman and second grader as well as their beloved 12 year old Doug the Pug! She met her amazing husband through mutual friends and with a lot of love and laughs, they are celebrating 10 awesome years together. She has worked in the Human Resources field for over 15 years and currently spends her days working for the Corpus Christi Independent School District. She loves to travel, and is a voracious reader who can always be found with a book or five to recommend, and it is her dream one day to publish a work of her own. Melanie also loves holiday décor. Whether it be Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, she loves decking the halls of her home in fun festivity and celebrating with her family. She is so excited to have joined the CCMB team and can’t wait to share her experiences with the group.