Yes, He Opens My Door


My husband opens the door for me, which is fine by me. Am I capable of opening my own door? Of course. Does him opening my door make me weak? Absolutely not.

Yes, He Opens My Door- Corpus Christi Moms Blog

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I have learned a few things from my husband opening my door.

Allowing someone to open the door for you takes a type of strength that has slipped away in the past years.

The shouting about women equality surrounds us. We hear it, we see it, and it plants a seed in us. Don’t worry, I do believe that women are equal, I believe in equality, which means that I believe in the strength of women. Guess what, I am equal to my husband. That said, I am so lucky to have him.

He loves my old school side, and equally, my tattoos and beautiful side. He loves me in spite of myself, being a riddle wrapped in an enigma. 

Stay at home moms are not the problem. Working moms are not the problem. And not wanting to be a mom is not the problem. The problem is bashing men, which our husbands, sons, brothers, and fathers hear.

Empowering women does not mean bashing men.

Like I said, my husband opening my door also opened my eyes. I have learned that this small gesture is how he shows respect and honor. Guess what!! Sometimes he even makes dinner and brings me coffee in the morning. My husband does not wait on me hand and foot, just as I do not wait on him hand and foot. We have a partnership, a happy medium.

Men and women rely on different ways to show their respect, honor, and love, which is our love language. It was no different with our relationship. Deep down, I believed and expected my husband would show me respect that same way I show it. When he didn’t, disappointment took over. But I had set myself up for it.

The good thing is that you do not have to live in disappointment.

I took small steps, which helped me notice all my husband did. The little things that my disappointment made me overlook. Some days I had to look hard, really digging deep too. From there I learned that my husband was not saying, “You can’t do this,” when he opened the door for me, instead he  was saying, “I respect you.”

My advice, from what I have learned, is this. Look hard at the men in your life and look for how they show respect, then hold tight to that.

Girl, you are amazing and chivalry does not mean weak women.

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A native of Tennessee, Alecia calls Texas home for a few years while her husband of 4 years serves in the military. She is a mom to a 10 year old girl and a stay at home soccer mom. Faith is a huge part of Alecia's life and she loves volunteering where she can in her community. Her favorite things are writing/reading, thunderstorms, baking/cooking, gardening, walking the dog, crocheting and spending quality time with her family. She would be more than willing to do without having to move when the Navy says "go," deployments, spiders, and mosquitoes.


  1. Nice! I’m a better woman/person for knowing my hubby and watching all the ways he respects me as a person, not just as a woman and his wife.

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