Who is the superhero in your life??


I don’t know about you, but when I was little my daddy was my superhero. He would chase the monsters away that were hiding in my closet. He was my safe place. My mom was always there with all the answers, words of wisdom, she knew what to do when life was weighing me down. Of course, when I got older I understood that my parents were only human, and they had flaws of their own. That only made it more clear to me how much my parents loved me.

The other day my daughter wasn’t feeling well so I took her temperature and gave her some medicine. She asked me how I always know what to do?

“Are you a doctor? Are all mommies doctors?”

I told her mommies and daddies can be anything you want them to be. We are anything and everything to our babies. We are teachers, doctors, time keepers, photographers, friends, and of course super heroes. Even when or if we fail at something our child will not see our failures, they will see that we tried. They will see our strength.

Image of a Latina mother and her daughter. The mother is sitting in the passenger seat of a car and wearing glasses. The daughter is sitting in the backseat, leaning forward, smiling a big smile.

What I loved about my parents was that they were both creative types. They encouraged my writing and for me do what I loved. From fighting monsters in my closet, teaching me how to drive, showing me everyday how to handle life’s struggles, parents are true super heroes, only with very human lives. You can look at it any way you want, maybe you do not see yourself as a hero. But let me tell you it is a huge life changing, risk taking, and inspiring thing to be a parent, to be someone’s whole world.

Our little one’s worlds are small, for a long time they only know us and what we choose to teach them. It is no wonder they are in awe of us. It is no wonder I am forever in awe of everything my parents accomplished for themselves and for me.

They will always be my Superheroes. Who is the superhero in your life?

Image of a mother and father, wearing white t-shirts with a red star in the center of the shirt, and wearing red capes. Standing on a bench behind them is a child, also wearing the same t-shirt and red cape. The child has his arms in a V-shape above his head.

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Jessica Davila
Jessica has lived in Corpus Christi almost all her life and loves it. Together with her husband Roy they are raising their beautiful , almost 6 year old daughter, Angelina. Being a stay at home mom has taught her a lot and she treasures each moment of motherhood. Jessica is quiet in person, but give her a pen and paper and she will write a novel. She loves reading, writing, watching movies and listening to music. She is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan and loves anything chocolate. She is very excited to begin her blogging adventure, and getting to know the CCMB community of mommas.