What to do with Teens who think they are on a “Corona-cation”


Teens are hard y’all! I totally feel for you during this time of social distancing. 

We are trying to come up with ideas to keep our teens engaged and feeling connected, but also, hopefully, learning some new skills along the way!

Things to Do: Teenagers : Teens : Corpus Christi : Coastal Bend MomsHere are a few ideas:

Start a YouTube Channel

From Elisabeth: I am the first to admit, the last thing I want is for my kid to emulate some of the YouTubers out there. Most of them have me shaking my head and wondering what we have done wrong in this world, haha – ya feel me?? Anyway…much like other teenagers, my 13-year-old is all about YouTube. We have encouraged him to use YouTube for GOOD things and were super impressed and proud of him when he created a rap ABOUT GRAMMAR! in the shower as part of an extra credit assignment in English class. We encouraged him to spend some time learning how to find music, overlay the sounds, and create some video content. We temper his expectations and don’t expect him to get famous (although it would be cool!), but it is a fun outlet and could, maybe, lead to a career in film or media. Shameless plug, but check out his M-Cee Grammar Rap if you’re interested…


Research their future career

Check out careers.org or careerplanner.com – Both sites offer a plethora of resources!

Encourage your teen to reach out to someone locally in that career field and ask to interview them. {Zoom is an awesome resource that gives simple tools for video conferencing!} With the exception of government officials, first responders, medical professionals, and grocery store associates, a lot of people have converted to working from home – especially business owners who may be forced to close for a while. Take this time to reach out and ask questions – and who knows – after the quarantine is lifted, they may also be in need of interns! Not much looks better on resumes and college applications than internships!

Start a blog

Do they think they have the next big idea or they are gonna be a great influencer? Build a website! wix.com is a website building platform where you can build from templates or from scratch! It is a great hands-on learning experience that can get their creative juices flowing. You must set up an account, but there is free and paid version so you can grow as you build!

Develop Content or Social Graphics

There are many resources for this –  canva.com is a content building platform where you can literally design anything! Things from “Canva in the Classroom”, to “Presentations to Impress” and hours of informative videos! So while they may not necessarily be down for writing that history report, an interactive presentation may be an option.

Start Applying for College Scholarships!

There are many scholarships you do not have to be a senior to apply for. Mycollegeoptions.org is a good place to start the research. You can create a free profile to be matched with scholarships, save your applications, even SAT prep. If you have the time and resources, I would categorize them all – even if you are not eligible now – put that info into a filing system to apply as soon as you are eligible. Unigo.com is another scholarship resource sight.

Write a Couple College Essays

Don’t stress over writing a million different essays – many of them you can recycle the same information, so save it in a file on your computer and add and delete as needed for each scholarship. And remember: The scholarships that require longer essays might be the opportunities that get fewer applicants, so do not skip on those!

Listen to the Podcast- Borrowed Future is an eye-opening into the need for scholarships vs. student loans. Many people simply do not know the pros and cons so take this time as a learning experience.

Take a Virtual College Tour

Youvisit.com has virtual college tours and tons of campus info all in one spot. There are over 600 colleges you can tour for free! Help your teen build a list of their needs, and your needs, use this time as a family to research your options. Build a top list and narrow it down a few at a time. FYI Momma:  there are about 40 Texas schools on there, I won’t blame you if you start there! {Same, sis, same!}

Learn an Instrument or New Language

There are tons of resources on YouTube for both of these! Take an opportunity to become bilingual – throw in your airpods and listen away. Get a friend to study the same language and practice texting and chatting each day virtually! 

I know this is a challenging time for us all, but hopefully, you can find ways to use their time constructively! How are you keeping your teen feeling calm and sane? Share in the comments! We are all #inthistogether mamas!



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