My Weight Loss Journey — The Struggle Is Real

My Weight Loss Journey The Struggle is Real

When I think about my weight loss journey, the struggle is real y’all.  I have all the head-knowledge anyone could hope to have.  I also know that having a healthy body is of utmost importance.  We all want to live a long life, with as minimal health issues as possible, don’t we?  

We can achieve our goals by staying informed and making the best decisions possible for our own well-being. Personally, though, this is one place in my life where the struggle is real.

In my 30’s I received a Hyperthyroid diagnosis.  It was followed by a Grave’s Disease diagnosis, where I was treated with radioactive iodine.  I was then left with Hypothyroidism.  I remember it like it was yesterday… the very discouraging words my doctor shared with me in his office. “Weight loss will never be easy for you again,” he said.  As I think back over the course of my fitness journey, I realize how right he truly was.  

Initially, hypothyroidism caused me to gain thirty pounds.  Thirty turned into forty.  And forty turned into fifty.  Add in a health issue the doctors had to treat with steroids and I found myself topping out at sixty-five pounds overweight in 2007.  I’ve been working on weight loss for nearly twenty years.

Weight Loss Journey The Struggle is Real CCMBYou name the program, and I’ve probably tried it.  Weight Watchers.  The Thyroid Diet.  The G.I. Diet.  The Atkins Diet.  Currently, I follow a Primal/Clean Eating diet, while trying to stick to gluten-free (due to inflammation issues.)  

For exercise, I’ve tried walking.  Jazzercise.  Step Aerobics. And, a few of the Beachbody workouts.  I’ve had to fight, tooth and nail, for each and every pound I’ve shed.  

I don’t want to be all negative though.  I have managed to rid my body of thirty-five of the sixty-five pounds over the last ten years.  So, what is that?  An average of 3.5 lbs a year?  Haha…

Unfortunately, though, I’ve reached a stale-mate. For me, it’s been more than a plateau.  I’ve been stuck, physically and mentally.  I cannot seem to break through the barrier.  And my old doctors’ words keep bouncing around in my head.

With 2017 came some changes though.  My almost 12-year-old son is participating in golf tournaments. It quickly became apparent that physical conditioning was important for him and his golf goals.  So, we’re working on making changes.  Together.  I refuse to be the momma sitting on the bench, watching her child work out.

We joined a gym and are spending a few sessions with a trainer.  We’re gaining knowledge on strength training so we can, ultimately, work out on our own.  In this process, I’ve had a few realizations.  I can spend the rest of my life being frustrated like I have been for the last twenty years.  Or I can totally shake things up and change my thinking by focusing on the positive.  

Here are a few things I’ve added to my daily mantra:

  1. You are okay… Just as you are.
  2. You do not have to strive for perfection.  
  3. You have maintained your current weight for a YEAR.  Be proud of that!
  4. You should exercise today because it’s good for you and you always feel good afterward.  
  5. You are getting stronger and that’s amazing!  
  6. The scale, and measuring tape, will not dictate your self-worth.
  7. Any loss of weight, or inches, is gravy.  {Well, imaginary gravy because gravy isn’t a part of my diet anymore.}

I’m looking forward to making mental progress.  I will, of course, embrace physical progress if it comes, but I will strive to keep it from monopolizing my every thought.

Have you struggled with weight loss? What is your weight loss journey like?  

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