Valentine’s Day Recipes Your Kids Will Love


Are you searching for some fun Valentine’s Day recipes and ideas? After all, it is time to start handing out those adorable, homemade Valentine’s cards, red and white teddy bears, and heart-shaped assortments of chocolate candy. This is a special time for kids and adults alike.

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Valentine's Day Recipes Your Kids Will LoveIn addition to the gifts and cute cards, you can make Valentine’s Day even more special with some fun snacks, and treats. I know my children love themed snacks, lunches, and meals, too! Allow me to share some of our favorite Valentine’s Day recipes and ideas!

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipe

One V-Day breakfast that my kids love for me to make is “Heart Eggs in Toast.” Begin by creating this yummy breakfast of eggs inside toast. Then, add some strawberry jam to your heart-shaped toast, and enjoy!

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Valentine’s Day Lunch Recipes

Valentines Lunch with Hearts- Corpus Christi Moms BlogFurthermore, if you know anything about me, you know that I enjoy making fun lunches for my kids. If you are the same way, or you just need some ideas on sprucing up your kid’s lunches this February, then look no further. Read about some of our favorite Valentine’s Day Lunches and Snacks that we have made in the past! Also, don’t forget that there’s lots of uses for those heart-shaped cookie cutters! (Spoiler alert: They are NOT just for cookies!)

Another fun idea is to make fruit kab0bs for a Valentine’s Day snack. For even more cuteness, I like to cut my strawberries in the shape of hearts, too. In order to do this, simply cut a “V” out of the top of a strawberry. This will get rid of the leaves on top. Then, you are left with a rounded heart top. Next, stick them through a heart shaped-pick, and you are good to go!

Valentine’s Day Drink Recipe

Valentine's Day Recipes for Drinks

If fun Valentine’s Day food is not enough, add some delicious drinks to the equation. Pink lemonade is a must in this household! Here’s my little secret: I cheat! Sometimes, I spend so much time making the meals, I don’t always have time to make pink lemonade from scratch. I use a store-bought mix. Shhh! But, if you have the time and the energy to make some homemade pink lemonade, then more power to you! I think this Pink Lemonade recipe from Raining Hot Coupons looks so delish! It’s definitely on my to-do list this Valentine’s Day!

Bonus: Homemade or not, be sure to add some heart-shaped ice cubes and lemon slices to garnish! Oh, and fun glasses and silly straws are a must, too!

When making your Valentine’s Day recipes, be sure to add lots of color (especially red and pink) to your cooking. But, remember that you don’t need a lot of skills or fancy recipes to make cute Valentine’s Day meals and snacks. Use whatever you have in the kitchen, and go with it! In conclusion, just have FUN making any Valentine’s Day recipes that your kids will love!!

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