Treat your Teachers to Something Special


Soon, the school year will come to an end for many. This means it’s time to start looking for ways to treat all those special teachers. Last year, I shared with you how to find the Perfect End of the Year Gift for Teachers. A lot of readers found this list helpful when they were out shopping for gifts for their children’s teachers.

But, if shopping for gifts is not your thing, no problem. There are other ways to treat your teachers, too! Trust me, teachers will appreciate these treats just as much, if not more!

Treat your Teachers with Breakfast or Lunch

Teachers rush around getting plans and activities ready in the morning and throughout the day. Often, they don’t have time to make themselves breakfast, or even have a proper lunch. Don’t worry about cooking for them. Just pick up breakfast tacos! (We do live in South Texas. Just admit it. It’s hard to turn down tacos!) If you have time during the day to pick up and drop off lunch to your teacher, then go for it. Otherwise, you can arrange to have lunch delivered from one of their favorite restaurants in town. Just be to sure to plan ahead with the teacher, so they aren’t stuck with two lunches. Also, be aware of food allergies and tastes. Teachers will appreciate the change from their usual lunchtime routines!

Daily Treats for Teachers

Treat Your Teachers-Corpus Christi Moms BlogTeacher Appreciation Week is a great time to treat your teacher with daily treats, but really, you can do it anytime. I know our school’s PTA offers suggestions on a different item to gift each day. Simply assign a specific treat for your child to bring to their teacher every day of the week. (i.e. Monday- Hand-sanitizer and Chlorox wipes, Tuesday- Handwritten note or card from your child, Wednesday- Classroom supplies, Thursday- Sweet Treats, Friday- Gift Cards.) Other daily gift ideas might be flowers, a favorite drink or pampering item, a favorite candy, etc.

Decorate Your Teacher’s Door

Surprise your teacher with a little love and decor! Cover their classroom door with colored butcher paper, gift wrap, photos, sweet notes, balloons, or whatever your heart desires! Bonus: Get the students involved by adding notes or artwork created by them. By the way, this is a fun thing to do to celebrate a teacher’s birthday, too!

treat your teacher

School Supplies

I know that this might seem like a boring “treat,” but it’s one of the most requested gifts (after gift cards.) Check with your child or child’s teacher for ideas on what they need or use frequently. Teachers often have wish-lists that you can fulfill, too. Make this gift special by wrapping it up nicely in a container or basket that can be re-used in the classroom. I’m a little obsessed with my new Cricut die-cutting machine so… yeah, everything needs to be monogrammed these days.

Sweet Treats

Sweets can be a much wanted treat after a long day. I’ve been wanting to make these Margarita Sugar Cookies. I bet there are a few teachers who would appreciate them, too! Since some teachers might be wary of eating homemade treats, you can pick up some already baked treats. Bring them some muffins from My Favorite Muffin, a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes, or a cupcake from SmallCakes. Last year, I bought apples and caramel dip from Yummy Tummy Cheesecakes. Mmm… the options are endless!

treat your teachers

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Teachers work hard to help your children, so don’t forget about these important people in your child’s life. Not to sound too cliche… It is the thought that counts. Your child’s teacher will feel loved and appreciated with any kind gesture!

What are some ways that you have treated your child’s teacher in the past? What other treats are you planning for teachers this year?