The End is Near


Boy and Girl at School

It is already April and that means the dreaded STAAR test. As a former teacher I know that hatred of this test, and testing in general. I think what teachers also hate even more is how hard it is to keep students on track after the testing is over, and I am here, as a mom and teacher, to encourage you parents on how to finish the school year off right!

  • Do not let your kiddos think that the school year is over! They still have homework, books to read and projects to finish- KEEP THEM FOCUSED
  • Study with your kids when they have upcoming tests and quizzes
  • ASK THEM about school!!
  • Get a family calendar and have it where everyone can see it. Put when books, projects, and papers are all due. Be sure to add in the fun events coming up!
  • Do everything you can to keep the normal school year weekly routine. I know sports and other outside events are ramping up but staying in normal routine as much as possible is crucial to keeping the kids focused.
  • Treat your kids’ teachers! Once kids get into middle and high school they have numerous teachers and coaches. It can get very expensive buying something for everyone, but choose a few special teachers. Even a $5 gift card to Starbucks was SUCH a treat for me!
  • Enjoy the end of the year festivities and treat your kids for another successful year in the books!
  • Do EVERYTHING you can to be at the end of the year assemblies. I know, teenagers can be harsh and act like they’re embarrassed by you being front and center taking pictures of them. But I can not tell you how many times I saw students so upset after wards if they didn’t have anyone there cheering them on.
  • Enjoy this time as parents. Without you Teachers could not do their job!