The Bright Side of Black Friday


    It never fails. Every year we hear about the war Black Friday shopping has waged on family time. Stores are opening earlier and earlier, and leaving little to no time for family. At least thats what the we hear.

    Every. Single. Year. 

    This has not been my experience.

    For whatever reason, my family has always had Thanksgiving dinner…for lunch. We ate early and spent a couple of hours together. After that, everyone would pack leftovers and go their separate ways to nap or watch tv for the rest of the day. 

    For the last five years, though, we’ve spent the entire day together. We still eat early, but now afterwards we all jam ourselves into two cars, and head out to shop til we drop. 

    It’s not so much about the “stuff” we buy. Let’s face it, we could probably buy the same stuff at the same price the following week. Its about spending time together, and celebrating the official start of the Christmas season! We stand in line for an hour or so (no, we aren’t already in line at Best Buy, we aren’t THOSE people, haha!) and spend time TALKING (because lets face it we have to conserve phone battery life for the long night to come). 

    It has become a family tradition. One that I will share with my daughter, I hope for years to come. 

    Moral of the story: don’t let people shame you for your consumerism on Black Friday. You’re spending time with your family in your own way.