This Veterans Day: Thank the Ladies Too


Veteran’s Day – a day off work for many. Parades with Vietnam veterans riding in the back of a truck or possibly walking and pushing another veteran in a wheelchair.  A day when you may feel the obligation to thank the older gentleman standing in line behind you.  You know, the one wearing his Vietnam Veteran ball cap.  Or maybe the 30-something guy with tattoos and a military-inspired T-shirt because you think he is probably a veteran.

Funny thing, though. No one ever assumes that a woman standing in line at the grocery store with a baby on her hip deserves thanks as well!


Veteran's Day

Millions of women have served or are currently serving our Country. Many have also made the ultimate sacrifice. Even more of them have returned home with the same mental and physical wounds as the men they served alongside.  Despite these numbers, women still struggle for society’s recognition of their service and sacrifice.  I suppose something about a woman and child together, or even a woman all dressed up for the corporate world with painted nails and heels, is the complete opposite of the stereotype of what a veteran really looks like.

Veteran's Day Women Veterans

As a veteran myself, I’m involved with an amazing group called Women Veterans of the Coastal Bend.  We have over 400 members, women who have served in all branches and all areas of service, including World War 2!

In the past years, we’ve accepted the challenge of helping change the image of what normally comes to mind when you hear the word “veteran.”  Last year, we had a wonderful turnout for the BUC Days parade.  The photo above is just a handful of some amazing women veterans, along with their kids.

These women are the real Superwomen or Wonderwomen!  They served their country AND served at home as moms – and barely smudged their lipstick! 🙂

Below are some amazing Women Veterans right here in the Coastal Bend!

Veteran's Day

So this Veteran’s Day, show your gratitude for our Nation’s Heroes by thanking the men and WOMEN who’ve served our Country!