Strike a Pose! Why I let my son model.


One of the hardest things about coming out of a very lonely pregnancy is finding those who you trust and can be comfortable with.

My best friend just-so-happens to be the assistant at Sweetest Snaps. So, when I would stop by with my son to give snacks or just to visit with Hannah, Ashlee, the owner, quickly became one of my son’s favorite people.

She and Hannah were the people I needed exactly when I needed them. Ashlee was, and is, always so encouraging and loving – not only with my son but myself as well. What started as me feeling somewhat annoying while I was trying to gain some of my self back, became Wesley seeing people he loves.

When I heard Ashlee was opening modeling spots for her mini sessions I was so excited! Wesley is always so happy around her so I was very excited to have him spend time with her, be able to support her business, and see her work!

I booked our spot and was worried about the session. “Hearts” seemed a little too far fetched for a boy, but Ashlee was supportive and even helped me with his outfit. The day came and he was excited as he recognized our usual parking spot. As we walked in he was excited to be with Hannah and Ashlee. I was worried that he would be difficult since this was more than a “drop-in” visit.

Thankfully, I was quickly proved wrong. Wesley soon began offering his usual smile for Ashlee and did whatever Hannah requested. He worked with the both of them as if it was his literal job. Six minutes into our session and he was done. He had achieved the poses they needed and we were good!

The experience was not only something that I will treasure, but I’m starting his love of local early. We were able to help a friend, she took amazing pictures of him, and I can’t wait for our next session.

Even if this is the beginning and end of his modeling career and the end of my momager life, I’m so excited I’ll have the experience, pictures, and friends. At the end of the day, do what is fun for you and your littles. Our journey to booking the pictures wasn’t the same as everyone else’s and might not be the same as yours. (If you choose to do so.)

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