Planning the Perfect Family Picnic


Let’s have a picnic!

This is a recurring request from my kids. Eating meals at our kitchen table is the norm, but sometimes everyone just wants to step outside. We’re still eating as a family, yet we get to enjoy some beautiful outdoor weather, too. Is planning the perfect family picnic on your agenda?

If you’re itching to have a picnic, don’t let the moment pass you by! Here are some ways to plan that perfect picnic that your family will enjoy.

Find a Picnic Site

I could write a whole post on specific picnic sites in the Corpus Christi area, but I will just focus on a few of our favorites. Choose a fun park that suits your picnicking needs. Cole Park has plenty of grassy areas, picnic tables, and a playground for your family to enjoy. The Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve is a perfect place to enjoy nature while you picnic, and they have a fun play area, too. We’ve also picnicked at the Watergardens after a visit to the  C.C. Museum of Science and History. This is a great spot because there’s plenty of room for the kids to run around and lots to do afterwards in the Bayfront area. 

If you don’t want to pack everything up and travel far, there really is no better place to picnic than at your own home. Pick your front yard, back yard, or even your living room floor for a special at-home picnic treat.

Pack your Meal

Keep it simple. This is not the time to pull out your gourmet cookbooks. For us, we usually pack the kids’ favorite sandwiches, chips, fruit, and a treat like homemade cookies. Try to find foods that will pack easily and won’t spoil quickly. With that said, throw in some ice packs or frozen water bottles to keep certain foods cool. I recommend you invest in a nice sturdy picnic basket or bag just for these occasions.

Planning the Perfect Picnic Food

On a time crunch? There’s no shame in picking something up that is already prepared. Trust me, we’ve all done it. Clean up is a breeze, too!

Things to Do

The eating part goes quickly. So, plan for extra fun on your outing. Pack up a Frisbee, balls, bubbles, mitt/ball, or a shovel and bucket. I would say pack a book and catch up on some reading. But, that doesn’t happen for me when I have little ones running around. 

I’ll admit most of the time, the kids play with this stuff for about 5 minutes each. Then, they find sticks, rocks, and puddles more interesting. That’s one of the best parts about being outside. Kids have a chance to explore nature, and they learn to entertain themselves. So if your kids are nature lovers like ours, you might be better off packing a net, a bug catcher, or a fishing pole.

More Picnic Necessities

Don’t forget wet-wipes or a roll of paper towels for messy fingers. Also, pack a trash bag to keep your picnic area clean. The South Texas heat can be brutal, so make sure you have plenty of water, sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats!

Also, I told you picnic baskets are a necessity, but so is a comfy picnic blanket. We have one that rolls up easily, and we take it just about everywhere. Use some big rocks or your picnic basket to hold down the corners of your blanket on windy days, too.Planning the perfect family picnic-cookies

So pack up your favorite picnic necessities, some yummy food, and, of course, your family. Then, head outside for a fun picnic day!

What are some picnic items that you don’t leave home without? What are your favorite food and drinks to pack when planning the perfect picnic for your family?