Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: For all the Women in your life


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is just one week away and sometimes we need a little guidance on what we should get the special women in our life. This guide was compiled with the input of women all over the Coastal Bend. Mom’s of all ages and stages.

You can use this guide to subtly (or not so subtly) hint to your significant other, older children or friends (wink wink). But chances are as the MOM you may also be searching for fun gift ideas for your own mothers, sisters, daughters, or friends. I hope there’s a little something on here for everyone, and ideas for all love languages too!

  1. Gift Cards and/or Shopping Spree: Holy Moly. This was the #1 response when I asked. I think Moms have a hard time spending money on themselves, or when they do they feel guilty. So a gift card, or a shopping spree is an excellent choice for Mother’s Day!
  2. Cute Pajamas: A cute new pajama set is always a fun idea. I linked the top pajama sets on Amazon. But these would be a fun idea to go with the breakfast in bed right?
  3. Car Detail: Many women listed this as a favorite gift idea for Mother’s Day and I couldn’t agree more! What would make it even better? Take the car in for her to have it done so she doesn’t have to figure out when to do it. (hint hint)
  4. Plants. Plants. All the Plants. If you have a plant loving lady in your life then gift buying is a little easier for you. I know I personally would love a new house plant in a cute little pot. And the beauty keeps on giving all year long. How cute are these hanging planters?
  5. Made By Mary Necklace. I had never seen this beautiful jewelry before I started compiling this list. But multiple friends mentioned this custom jewelry and now…definitely adding this to my Mother’s Day wish list.
  6. Deep Clean house from a Professional Cleaner/ or an Organizer: A common theme among the mamas I talked to was someone else doing the house work or organizing in their lives. A common idea suggestion was someone else cleaning or organizing the house. Hiring a professional for a1x deep clean would be a great Mother’s Day gift idea.
  7. Massage or Spa Day: Many moms suggested wanting this particular gift. And another mom suggested the gift also including a ride TO the spa so that she would actually take the time to go. I couldn’t agree more.
  8. New Kitchen Gadgets: Sometimes a new kitchen gadget can be the perfect gift for the women in your life. Especially because it’s not something we want to buy for ourselves. And often times there are gadgets we’ve been eying for a while. For example this danish dough hook has been in my amazon cart for months.
  9. Book of the Month Club: If you have a reader in your life chances are they would love a monthly delivery of books straight to their door step. If this is out of your price range, a gift card to thrift books, or audibile would also be fun.
  10. A yummy Dinner not made by them: Another great suggestion would be to order in, go out, or make dinner for the moms in your life. A common theme among us moms is a day where we don’t have to do all the things. So take care of dinner that day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women in the Coastal Bend. Whether you are in the trenches of young motherhood, step-motherhood or have graduated in to grand-motherhood. Whether you are hopefully waiting to become a mother, or you are a recent empty nesting mother. Those of us here at Coastal Bend Mom Collective see you, hear you, love you and support you each and every day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

And Remember maintain a sense of self in your motherhood journey. Here’s some ideas for that too!




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Emily Schofield
Emily is new to the Coastal Bend area but enjoys everything it has to offer! Emily and her husband Landon both grew up in Idaho, and came to Kingsville for her husband’s job as a range and wildlife biologist. Emily graduated with her BSN from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Emily has two amazing children, Ashton (6) and Brooks (16 months). Emily has been a SAHM since Brooks was born and is returning to the nursing field this Fall. When she isn’t adventuring with her family, she loves faking insomnia with a good book, trying (and sometimes failing) new recipes, listening to podcasts and taking a bubble bath.


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