Mom Movies This Mother’s Day


For Mother’s Day, my tradition is watching movies.

After many hugs and kisses, my husband takes the munchkin for the day, and I catch up on all the films I have wanted to watch but haven’t because I was too busy, well, mom-ing.

My upcoming movie day got me thinking about some of my favorite films about moms. Here is my personal list of faves, in no particular order. 

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movies for moms Bad Moms

For all the mothers fed up with shaming from other moms, under appreciative kids, dumb bosses and even worse husbands, this is for you. Find some gal pals, get real and raw and have some laughs. Warning: Clip is NSFW- but hilarious!

Mommy Dearest

Stay with me here. 

When I was 14, my mom grounded me for something. I don’t remember what, but I know it was something worthy of being grounded for. She was nice enough to offer to rent me some movies from the video store. When she asked me what I wanted, I spat, “Mommy Dearest.” Ha, ha, I thought. Now you know I hate you the way Joan Crawford’s kids must have hated her.

By the end of the movie, I was crying so hard. I was so sad for the kids. And I was so thankful I had a good mom, one that cared enough to try and teach me right from wrong, instead of beating the crap out of me.

On the day you are feeling like a terrible, worthless, worst mom in the world, remember: You are never Joan Crawford terrible. 

This is clip is hard to watch but it epitomizes the film.

Mr. Mom

Gotta give it up for the dads out there, filling in for mom for various reasons. After Jack Butler loses his job, his wife returns to work and he stays home with the kids. As he hilariously begins to understand the chaos of taking care of three children, all day, every day, his appreciation for his wife increases, while his sanity takes a nose dive. So funny!

Ricki and the Flash

Some women take to being a mom like a duck to water. Others, not so much. The always awesome Meryl Streep plays Ricki, a mother who abandoned her kids to chase her dream of becoming a rock star. Years later, the kids are struggling, and their dad reaches out to Ricki to see if she can somehow help. The reconciliation is hard, the kids and resentful and Ricki is doing her best with what she can offer – her music.

Can women have a career and motherhood? Don’t you want a mom not afraid to go after what she wants? I don’t know if there are any solid answers from this film. Watch for yourself and decide. 

That’s it for now. I’ll probably think of more as my Mother’s Day Movie Day approaches.

What is your favorite film about moms? Drop it in the comments below. And have a great Mother’s Day!