And the Award Goes To…..


I have had school aged children for twenty five years.


You read that right.

Many things have changed over that quarter of a century (!!!) when it comes to raising children and one that really bothers me is the, dare I say, dreaded, “awards” ceremony at school.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t say dreaded….we should be proud when our child earns an award…right? Of course.

But, you can’t honestly say you enjoy sitting through a one hour plus ceremony just to find out your kid gets an award for wearing the right color on Tuesdays? Ok. I made that award up. Maybe.

I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if that exists somewhere. Good grades? Fine. Perfect Attendance? That one is tricky…I mean, it’s not as if these kids are getting themselves up and off to school on their own. Therefore, shouldn’t a perfect attendance award actually go to US?! Bless.

So that got me thinking about “awards” that I believe should be given to moms…to recognize the things that seem small to others, but fellow moms can totally appreciate.

And the award goes toHere are a few for your reading pleasure:

ACTUALLY WASHING YOUR HAIR, IN LIEU, OF DRY SHAMPOO…you don’t even have to be a mom to appreciate this one….any woman knows this struggle is REAL.

NOT LOSING IT COMPLETELY DURING HOMEWORK TIME….this one is pretty self-explanatory for anyone that has ever helped their child with homework. 

REMOVING CLOTHES FROM DRYER BEFORE THEY WRINKLE… this a thing? Isn’t that what the “wrinkle control” option is for?

FIXING A MEAL THAT EVERYONE WILL EAT….I kid you not, as I’m typing this, my thirteen year old just texted from the bus to ask  me what’s for dinner….knowing full well she will opt for cereal, no matter what it is.

GETTING OUT OF BED…somedays…a lot of days…it’s a challenge….yet, we do it to prevent the whole ship from going down.

Tell me some awards you would like to see given to moms! Much like this wine I’m fixing to have, we DESERVE them!