Microblog: Don’t Forget, There’s a person behind that mask


It is no secret that this is a crazy uncertain and somewhat scary time. I will be the first to admit that my feelings surrounding this pandemic have evolved back and forth many times in many ways. However there is an issue that I feel like needs addressing.

In the midst of new protocols, safety policies, procedures, and hand washing. May we continue to remember that there is an actual person behind that mask. We are still human beings. With human hearts.

Recently I was with my children at a pediatric office. This office had MANY procedures in place to ensure each patient and family felt safe to be there. So many procedures in fact, I think they forgot the very first and most important procedure. They were dealing with kids, tiny fragile humans with tiny fragile feelings.

My 7 year old needed to use the bathroom. They wouldn’t allow her to do so. They had a strict policy that no one could use the bathroom. Even my little girl with a tiny little girl bladder. I asked what they suggest I do. They recommended I go elsewhere, and then come back. I couldn’t believe it! And because we live in a rural town I had already traveled 50 minutes to be there.

I loaded up my small circus and found a crummy open  bathroom close by which we could use. And then returned to our pediatrician. (Seems counter productive right?)

I then “calmly” told them that they were trying SO hard to follow all these new safety procedures they had forgotten the very first and most important part. They were caring for me and my children as a WHOLE. And feeling safe there had everything to do with the whole picture, not just infection control.

 I hope that as we continue to try to be “safe”, and “stop the spread” that we can remember there is a person behind every mask. There is a heart that needs helped, and  a voice that needs heard.

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Emily is new to the Coastal Bend area but enjoys everything it has to offer! Emily and her husband Landon both grew up in Idaho, and came to Kingsville for her husband’s job as a range and wildlife biologist. Emily graduated with her BSN from Brigham Young University-Idaho. Emily has two amazing children, Ashton (6) and Brooks (16 months). Emily has been a SAHM since Brooks was born and is returning to the nursing field this Fall. When she isn’t adventuring with her family, she loves faking insomnia with a good book, trying (and sometimes failing) new recipes, listening to podcasts and taking a bubble bath.