Microblog: Curious Questions My Daughter Asks. National Trivia Day.


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National Trivia Day is January 4th,  I don’t know about you all, but every night before bedtime my daughter and I have a routine. We read books, say our prayers and she turns into a chatter box. She asks me a million questions that sometimes I do not have the answers to. Sometimes I am able to answer her questions and other times I delegate passing them along to my husband. Then of course there is always google.

I believe kids are just naturally curious and they will ask you anything and everything that pops into their brains. My daughter loves to read and learn all about the questions she asks looking up things in encyclopedias or in story books. She always wants to find an answer one way or another.

Some of the questions she has asked in the past:

  1. Where do bugs come from?
  2. How does the Earth move without us feeling it?
  3. Where does Wi-Fi come from?
  4. How do you make windows?
  5. How did people eat food years ago?
  6. How do babies get in your tummy?
  7. Why do I have to go to school?

For some of these I may just look up the actual answer but for others I will be a little creative with my response. For instance, my daughter is momentarily satisfied with the answer I gave her for number 6. One day she will know the truth but for now it’s – a little piece of mommy and a little piece of daddy get put in my belly by God to make you.

Do any of your littles have curious minds? What kind of answers do you give them?

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