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Today as my son and I were leaving the MDO we saw a girl from his class. The mom told me she always knows my son because when she arrives to class he is the one always crying. She doesn’t even need to see who it is before walking into a classroom and knowing that my son is going to be there crying. My heart dropped because it seemed like we had made progress not even a couple weeks ago. Were they lying to me? Making it easier for me? Is he difficult to deal with? Do they like him? These are always my worries and fears when I pick him up and drop him off. What mom doesn’t want their son to be liked. I know it would be easier for him if he could just talk. We are working on it, it’s coming, but right now all he can still do is babble, cry, and drag you around taking you to and from whatever he is trying to show you. It’s exhausting, but I know that one day, hopefully soon, he will get there, to the point where he actually says “I love you mama.”

I pray for that day forever and always until it comes, but until then all I can do is chuckle or smile when someone tells me your son was crying again or that he was a little difficult or fussy. One day it will be easier, one day…