Micro Blog: Many Roles of Mothers


After I became a mother I found that I had an intense feeling of guilt over wanting to identify as several different roles. Just because I became a mother did that no longer mean I was a nurse? And if I was a nurse did that make me a less than ideal mother? And If I was a nurse and a mother did that mean I couldn’t fulfill my role as a wife? And not to mention where did I find time to be friend…sigh…so many roles and not enough time.

I kept hearing I needed to find the balance. People told me with time I would find a way to juggle it all. However, in the midst of desperately trying to find this “balance” I lost more and more pieces of myself. Until recently I heard a wise person say “It’s not about finding balance, it’s about being “centered.”

This resonated. And it resonated deeply. And it freed me. It meant that some days  I may not show up 100% as a friend, because it’s a work day or I have sick kids, or 1,000 loads of laundry. And that’s OK. But on girls night, I am 100% yours.  When I show up at work, I am not in 100% mom mode. And that’s OK- because I know my kids are being loved, and cared for by my amazing husband who is my equal partner, and the other tribe of women who love my babies as if they are their own. And I need to show up as a nurse, because my patients need me to. And this is OK. If I am in mom mode, I am 100% in mom mode. And I may not rock at it- but that’s OK because my kids need ME and not the 1 million moms I follow on my IG feed.

The difference is that instead of trying to “balance” all these roles I am centered in who I am, and what I believe. And each role has to give and take a bit and that’s OK.

And so yes, I am a wife. I am a mom. I am a nurse. I am a friend. I am a sister. I am a daughter. (And many more things depending on the day) And yes I respond to and identify to all of these titles. Not a single one of them makes me less than. In fact I find an immense sense of divine identity as I learn to fulfill each of these roles in my life.

What roles are you learning to fulfill? Hugs to you mama, embrace them!

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