Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers! {What Teachers REALLY Want!}



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Every year I STRUGGLE with what to get my child’s teachers. And this year, a mug filled with chocolates just won’t cut it! 

Our teachers invest TIME, LOVE, and ENERGY into our children! They are the role models who set our children’s academic pace and influence the direction they will go.  I truly appreciate every tear they have wiped, encouraging word they have spoken, and loving hug they have given!

Our teachers deserve so much more than I can give! So if you are a teacher and reading this…

Thank you!

You are appreciated!

You are loved!

You are an amazing piece of my child!

This post is for YOU!

These gifts ideas were sourced by me from our very own loved Texas teachers

Teacher Pay Teacher Gift Card

Teacher Pay Teacher is an online market place where educators can share, sell, and buy original teaching resources from other educators. Teachers use their own money to utilize this wonderful resource for our children! Let’s help them out by purchasing a Teacher Pay Teacher Gift Card and showing our appreciation! The gift cards never expire and can be used to purchase resources from PreK-12.

Gift Cards to Buy Classroom Supplies

Did you know that teachers are only allotted so much for classroom supplies? That is great! but in most classrooms will not cover the cost of supplies for the entire school year. So gifting gift cards to places like Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Amazon, etc., not only helps our teachers buy printing ink, markers, crayons, paper, crafting supplies, pencils, BIC felt tip pens, grading pens, low odor dry erase makers but so much more!

Gift Cards for Personal Use: Let Them Decide!

Why not let the teacher decide what to pick? Gift Cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Bath and Body Works, Target, Walmart, Movie Theater, or a pre-loaded debit card are all great ideas to give your teacher some luxury shopping time! 


Gift cards and certificates to get a massage, nails done or haircut would make a teacher’s day! They love to be pampered too! 

Personalized and/or Monogrammed Items

A personalized classroom wreath, door sign, planner, coffee cup, stationary, shirts, mouse pads, totes and calendar are just a few ideas of gifts that teachers love! 

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts can melt a teacher’s heart and bring tears to their eyes! Here is wonderful tip for gifting a drawing or photo. Let your artist create beautiful artwork to gift to one to his AMAZING teachers! You likely have so much already! FRAME IT! It can easily be hung in the classroom or home of your teacher! 

Homemade Baked Goods!

Our teachers love sweet treats! Here are a few of their mentioned favorites: Homemade fudge! Cookies! Muffins! Pies! Cake balls! Cake pops! Mason jar treats! 

Cozy Gifts

Cozy gifts are sweet and dreamy! Gifts like blankets, scarves, hats, and fuzzy socks are always on the want list! 


Teachers not only love to smell good but have their home and classroom smell good too! A few luxury scent gift ideas include candles, oils and diffusers, hand and body lotions, body splash, hand sanitizer, wax warmers, room spray and hand soap!

Outside Lunch on a School Day!

One of my FAVORITE ideas is from a loved local teacher. She shared it with such sweetness, that I need to share it in her words,

“When I was a teacher/coach… I had a Mom of a student bring me a local tea room menu. I circled my order and she delivered a lunch to me. It was so sweet and thoughtful!”

I’m totally using this idea! It can also be used year round on any school day! 

I hope these gift ideas for teachers FROM OUR LOCAL COASTAL BEND TEACHERS helped spark an idea for your child’s teacher this Holiday!