Gardening Tops My Spring Bucket List


Spring is such a lovely time of year, especially in South Texas. I was thinking the other day about my Spring Bucket List, and one thing kept coming up in my mind over and over: gardening.

You see, I’ve had a garden in the past, but not in the last three years. I was in my third trimester for two of the three springs, and I knew it wouldn’t be practical for my family to put so much effort in a garden and then not be able to tend to it in the summer when harvest comes.

This year is going to be different. So much so, that I’ve already started on my garden. I had an itch I had to scratch, and we planted a few herbs along with onions and rainbow chard on the first day of February. I know, it’s early, but I was eager and ready.

We recently moved and I’m still debating the location of the garden, so I planted on top of cardboard boxes, that way if I need to move the garden, I can. Although, I should decide on the place now before planting more than two vegetables.

Late February and early March are ideal times for planting, so if you want to try a backyard garden, now is the time! In our warm climate, many plants flourish in the summer. In the past I’ve had success with tomatoes, peppers of all kinds, squash, zucchini (zoodles, anyone?) and eggplant. 


This is my first time to try some sort of leafy greens like chard, but I’ve read that many greens do well in our area. Other crops you may want to consider are strawberries, melons, peas, potatoes, okra, garlic, and beets. Be sure to plant crops your family enjoys eating, and if you plant squash, be prepared to share. Squash is such an easy growing vegetable that it tends to take over your garden!

Gardening is also a great way to get the kids outside and teach them how their fruits and vegetables grow. It can be a fun learning experience for them! You won’t regret taking the time to prepare and grow your own salad.

Comment below on any gardening tips you have to share!