Fill your Kids’ Love Tanks This Valentines Day


We love Valentine’s Day at our house. Basically, I love any excuse to make the people I love feel special. My husband and I usually do a special date the weekend before Valentine’s Day. But the day is all about celebrating our family, and the people we love most. I also love teaching my kids that it is fun to show kindness and love to everyone around them.

Here are a few ideas for you to help fill your kids’ love tanks this Valentine’s Day!

Fill your kids' love tanks on Valentines Day

1. Do a special Breakfast

This does not have to be glamorous. I mean it’s all happening before school so things are a little rushed! However, I have learned that anything pink is super exciting on Valentine’s morning.

  • Pink Berry Cheerios
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • Heart-shaped pink pancakes, or waffles (I just use cookie-cutter after they are cooked to make them hearts)
  • Pink Strawberry Milk with Pink Straws
  • Yogurt Parfaits with pink sprinkles
  • Mixed Berry Muffins

2. Leave a little gift and a special note

My mom did this for us growing up, and I do it for my kiddos. Just a small gift (under 10$ is the rule- I mean Christmas was not that long ago), with a special Valentine written just for them, personalized for each kiddo.

  • A new book to read
  • A Jo Jo bow
  • A stick of chapstick
  • fingernail polish
  • A Valentine’s Shirt
  • A Hot Wheels car
  • Play-dough
  • Small Stuffed Animals
  • A Puzzle
  • A new movie to share as a family

kid's love tank valentines day

3. Have lunch with your kids at school

Last year my daughter kept begging me to have lunch with her at school. I thought Valentine’s day was the perfect day to do this. I brought her a special lunch and I sat on her tiny bench and listened to the chitter-chatter of the other 5 and 6-year-olds. She LOVED this. She still talks about it, and is asking for me to come again this year. If going to lunch at school isn’t an option for you, stick a few special things in their lunch box. Maybe a special note, or a treat.

4. Make ONE special after school treat

love tanks

We love to make and decorate cookies! The best trick is to make them and then share them with your neighbors for a little Valentine’s Love. Then you don’t eat them, all right? Last Year we also made these adorable brownies over on It’s Always Autumn  and they were super fun!

5. Do a Candle Lit Dinner

Growing up we always did candlelit Chicken Cordon Bleu for Valentines Day. It’s my Dad’s favorite meal but it’s so labor-intensive my Mom would save it for special occasions. I used to feel so special that my parents would include us in their “romantic Valentine’s dinner”. My kids also love it! I buy cheap candles from Dollar tree and put them in my candlestick holders also found at Dollar Tree. I set the table as “fancy”  as I dare, and we have a romantic candlelit dinner (lol) as a family. I don’t always do Cordon Bleu, I switch it up but I have found it doesn’t matter what we are eating, the element of candle lights makes it SO fun and special. love tanks

6. Heart Attack Their Door

Starting on February 1st I love to leave a paper heart on their door with one thing written that I love about them that day. Maybe they were kind to a new friend or helped pick up their siblings’ toys. I find that if I do one a day it’s a lot less overwhelming at my daughter loved waking up in the morning and seeing her new heart. These are super simple hearts just cut out of construction paper. My parenting philosophy is ALWAYS to keep it simple.


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