Counting down to 2020 : Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019


Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

As we head into not only a new year, but a new DECADE, we are taking a look back at the top 5 blog posts for 2019.  We are excited to continue to bring you our awesome guides, heartfelt content, DIY’s and recipes, and more in 2020. From the entire CCMB Family: Thank you for you readership and thank you for your friendship! 

Happy New Year!

5th most read blog of the year: Guest Post : The Joys of Being a Guncle

Top 5 : Coastal Bend Moms : Joys of Being a Uncle 2

{Excerpt} I am a child of the 60’s and 70’s.

That means I grew up with iconic images of fatherhood from The Courtship of Eddie’s Father to The Brady Bunch. Even more important was the ultimate example of what being a father is…my own dad! I dreamed as a little boy of one day emulating those strong men who worked hard to raise their families without ever raising their voices. Of always having the right words to say to make everything alright for their children.

My idyllic fantasy took a sharp turn when I realized as early as the 5th grade that I liked boys more than girls….

Read the rest here Guest Post : The Joys of Being a Guncle by Steve Garcia.


4th most read blog of the year: Back to School with Type One Diabetes 

{Excerpt} For almost three years Diabetes has become another member of our family. Diabetes goes with us to church, it follows us to the beach and the park. It hides behind us in family pictures, and it haunts us at potlucks and birthday parties. Diabetes is part of our everyday life. And because it goes everywhere with us it unfortunately had to go to Kindergarten with my daughter when she began school last year.

Read the rest here Back to School with Type One Diabetes by Emily Schofield

3rd most read blog of the year: A Millenial’s Rant About Breastfeeding 

{Excerpt} So what’s a girl to do when your screaming baby only wants one thing? Do you risk the possibility of Mastitis, or a clogged duct?  Do you sit through the pain of another let down as your TaTa’s become ever more increasingly rock like? Do you let them go hungry? Most of the time the answer is no to all of those questions. You pop the boob out, and feed the tiny creature, no matter how inconvenient. What is unfortunate is how many people have a problem with breastfeeding in public. Like, it’s shocking.

Read the rest here A Millenial’s Rant About Breastfeeding by Taylor Rentz

2nd most read blog of the year: Downs Syndrome Awareness Day: Meet Joshua

{Excerpt} We lost Joshua to a courageous battle against Leukemia at the age of 25. He is missed by many every second of every day, but if anyone can help spread awareness about Downs Syndrome, it would be him. 

Downs children are inherently good and kind, trusting and loving to all they encounter. 

I was able to speak to my mom; Barbara, and she had a bit of advice for parents  and families blessed with a child with Downs Syndrome. Some of what she had to say was…

Read the rest here Downs Syndrome Awareness Day: Meet Joshua by Melanie Shaw 

1 Most Read blog of 2019:

Grief, Guilt, & Gratitude: How being widowed helped me grow

Grief.Guilt.Gratitude{Excerpt} So, I was having coffee with some of my new friends, in my new town, and at one point, we were discussing grief and gratitude – and how they go hand in hand. 

One of my friends has experienced the loss of a baby: She knows what grief is.

I was widowed in my 30’s, with a 4 and 10 year old at home waiting for their parents to come home. Their dad didn’t get to come home: We know what grief is.

As we were sharing our stories of love and loss, we had a realization:

We, at times, grieve the hardest and the deepest because we feel guilt. 

Read the rest here Grief, Guilt, & Gratitude: How being widowed helped me grow by Elisabeth Tabor

We thank you all, once again, for being a reader and friend of Corpus Christi Moms Blog! We look forward to sharing our stories and hearts with you in 2020!

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