Baby it’s Cold Outside… What’s a South Texas Mom to Do?


Did you see the weather forecast?  Yikes!  The highs are so low for what is usually a balmy South Texas!  Baby, it’s going to be cold outside!

So unless your kids are part bear and plan to hibernate, you, mama, need some ideas. 

Here are some ideas that will keep you and your little ones entertained until you can step back into those flip-flops. 

  • The night before a freeze, we like to grab some action figures and animal figurines (from the overflowing box on the shelf… this is not the time to shop!) and stick them in a plastic box (or multiple boxes if we don’t have the energy to deal with arguing siblings.)  Cover them with water and stick that box outside so nature can do its thing.  The next morning hand each kid a toy hammer and let them “save” their toy figurines from the damaging effects of Jack Frost (or Elsa’s magic gone wild.) south-texas-winter-corpus-christi-moms-blog
  • Who doesn’t love to hear about animals and how they hibernate?  Snuggle up on the couch to read Karma Wilson’s darling book Bear Snores On and then break out the chairs and the blankets.  It’s time to build a good old-fashioned fort, but in this case we’ll call it a den.  Then hide under the blankets and pretend to be sleeping away the winter… who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and get a real nap out of the deal!
  • Bundle up and head outside.  Yes, it’s true.  Cold weather won’t be the end of you.  Take your kids on a neighborhood prowl to find nuts.  Imagine you are squirrels stocking up for the winter.  Who can find the most?  Now’s a good time to introduce your kids to a nutcracker and some nuts still in their shell… let them explore just how hard it is to get that nut out of its shell! 
  • For a little fun in the bath, bring out the puffy shaving cream.  Spray it on the side of the bathtub so it looks like piles of snow.  Let them grab their plastic little dolls or animal figurines (gosh, you are getting so much use out of them!) and allow them to “play” in the snow. 
  • Play a game.  It could be a traditional board game or if your kids are little and need to get out some energy, try doing a penguin race.  Have the kids put a ball between their legs and waddle from one end of the room to the next. 
  • south-texas-winter-corpus-christi-moms-blogSpend your afternoon at a tea party.  Fire up the kettle, pull out some quick snacks, light a candle and gather round the table.  It’s not everyday your kids get invited to a tea party so make the most of it. Bring along a favorite book to read to them or some poetry and you’ve got yourself a lovely little indoor activity.  Not a fan of tea?  How about a hot chocolate party?  Add to the experience by making it homemade
  • Of course, my favorite, is to snuggle up and read.  So if your kids are the bookworm type, then disregard all the other suggestions and take advantage of the excuse to stay indoors snuggled up for a few days.

Be sure to come back after the freeze and let us know how you survived the cold!