Hi My Name is Alecia, I’m an Antique-aholic!


Hi, my name is Alecia and I love antiques. I mean I LOVE antiques. The older the better. Antique stores could really be my second home.

My husband getting orders to Texas excited me. Want to know why?  George Strait, Texas Toast, and antiques make Texas in my mind. The south takes antiques seriously, the south could be my soul sister.

I am sure that my love of antiques stems from the fact that I am an old soul. Or maybe I love the history and stories that antiques hold. Antiques tell a story. A story of what the world was like many moons ago. For me, there is something special about actually touching a piece of history, no matter how small.

Growing up in a small Eastern Tennessee town surrounded by farms I find myself attracted to items reminding me of the farm. Butter churns are one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES, which is surprising since a butter churn taught me to never say “I’m bored.”  That is a story for another day.

Imagine my excitement when I learned that the first Saturday of the month in Victoria is Junkfest. Woot woot! That meant I could make a day trip of antiquing or junking depending on what you like to call it. So, that Saturday morning, I packed up the car with some snacks and dragged my daughter with me. Okay, I didn’t really drag her with me. She likes to go antiquing with me, that is something she and I can do together. Mom and Daughter time.


I was super excited about the old Coca Cola crate I found.

We made our way to Junkfest that Saturday, even though it happened to be a chilly one. The weather will not get in the way of me finding something good. (See above: I’m an antique-aholic.) I met quite a few people, who in true southern fashion, never met a stranger. My daughter had a blast helping me dig for antiques. That’s the best part about loving antiques before loving antiques was cool. She’s been in antique stores since birth.

I have to tell you that if you love antiques, love looking for old junk, and don’t mind digging a little for that item that calls your name. Definitely check out Junkfest at Junktoria, Also, if you want a junking partner, I am always up for an antiquing trip.

So I will leave you with an Antiquing Blessing:

May the road to the flea market rise up to meet you. May you never leave a good, vintage find behind. May the sun shine warm upon you while junking. May your car be loaded down with roadside finds.


  1. Check out the semi/annual antique show in round top, Texas. It’s miles of antique junk and lots of fun!!!

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