A Visit from the Police and a Missing a 2-year-old


It has been a long week around here. A yucky cold has been making its way through our family. Started with the 4-year-old and now the 2-year-old, 6-month-old, and Dada all have it. Mama is taking supplements like it’s a contest and still holding on so far!

But good grief it has been exhausting.

On this night we put the babies to bed early. My 2-year-old was restless because he had a long nap today, and he was singing so sweetly I had to go lay with him and snuggle. I came out once he settled more, and I sat down to watch a movie with my hubby. About 2 minutes into the movie, a police officer was knocking on our door.

He asked if we were missing a 2-year-old.

My heart sank, and I could physically feel my eyes widen with terror.
Then I remembered I had just been with my own babies.
I told him, no, and he asked if we knew anyone in the building who had a blonde little girl. Would you believe the whole building only has little boys?!

This little girl was at the fence, trying to go through the gate into traffic. Thankfully a sweet random neighbor spotted her and called the police. They found her parents in the next building.

Her daddy was able to come out to get her and all was well.
This situation could have been so much worse.
This sweet little girl could have gotten run over while I was snuggling my own child not 1,000 feet away. She could have been spotted by someone with ill intentions.
But she didn’t, and she wasn’t.

Kind, compassionate, concerned neighbors came together to keep her safe and help the police find her parents.
The officers suggested the father ask the complex about adding another lock at the top of the door to prevent this from happening. He responded saying he would look into it. He apologized several times and they went home.

It can be so easy to judge parents when things like this happen. And you know what, maybe they could have done something differently. Sure. But maybe they’re also just doing the best they can and their child happened to learn a new skill while they were asleep after working very long hours and they were stressed to the max.

I hope this baby’s parents see this. I hope I get to talk with them in person. I hope I can tell them I understand.

When we first moved here, I was so tired. I had a new baby and we had just moved from a much smaller place where I could hear EVERYTHING my children were doing. And then one morning, my son (3 at the time) greeted me “Good morning, Mama! Look at this box!”

My son had opened both locks and received a package from UPS before I even knew he was awake. He NEVER did this at our old place!

That day, I ordered a new safety cover for the deadbolt. This one that I linked to is great because it doesn’t interfere with unlocking the door to enter the home. It just makes the deadbolt inaccessible for the children.

After I installed it, I watched my son attempt to open the door and finally give up saying “I CAN’T DO IT!” in pure exasperation. Success!

These are the kinds of situations that can seriously eat away at a parent’s conscience. And it’s something many people are too afraid to ask about in mommy groups for fear of backlash.

Yes, there are some parents who are truly neglectful. But in my experience, they’re few and far between. Most of us are doing our best. In sharing this story, I hope to help you break out of any shame you may be feeling if you’ve ever been in a situation like this.

It doesn’t make you a bad parent. It just means you need a creative solution. And to my neighbor specifically, I am glad your little one is safe. I hope you get some decent rest soon.