5 truths I’ve learned being a “boy mom”


When I first found out I was expecting, I just knew it would be a girl.  Growing up I was in a family of all girls besides my poor dad.   Even our dogs were girls.  I had never known anything but girls.  So when the ultrasound tech told us our first baby was a boy, I was utterly SHOCKED.  It sounds ridiculous to say that, but it’s the truth.  And then when we found out our second was a boy as well, I was in even more disbelief.  Before my third child (a daughter) was born, I had almost 5 years of being completely surrounded by the opposite sex, and I gained a whole new appreciation for what my dad experienced having all daughters.  And while I ADORE my sons,  I was absolutely NOT prepared for a life with little boys.  

5 Truths I've learned being a boy momHere are some unexpected truths that I’ve learned so far along the way.

Boys are gross

ccmb unexpected lessons boy mom

Like actually nasty.  In a completely different way than most girls would ever consider.  They pee EVERYWHERE.  Boys get ridiculously dirty when they play outside. They think all bodily functions and noises are HILARIOUS.  And they have absolutely no fear of critters.  Frogs, lizards, bugs, sea critters, my boys catch and play with them all.





ccmb boy mom
ccmb boy mom
ccmb boy mom
ccmb boy mom

The holes in the knees of pants never stop

unexpected lessons boy mom ccmb


My boys can rip through jeans in no time.  I’ve tried different brands.  I’ve tried buying the reinforced knees.  I’ve tried reinforcing the knees myself.  It’s all to no avail.  The knee holes just continue…  



Boys can EAT

ccmb boy mom


It’s no joke!

During the toddler/picky eating phase I would have never believed how much a boy can consume. 

Geez Loiuse. 

When they are hungry, get out of the way.  I could really just use my own cow with how much milk they consume.



Boys are daredevils.

ccmb boy mom

My middle boy in particular is insane.  In fact, we often refer to him as feral.  It’s like  he spends all day trying to think of new ways to almost REALLY hurt himself or sometimes ACTUALLY hurt himself. 

He’s creative, brave, and spontaneous- which I love. 

But he is also responsible for 90% of my gray hairs.




Boys can melt your heart in ways you never saw coming. 

unexpected lessons boy mom ccmb

Anytime my oldest son sees a wildflower (or even a flowering weed), he picks it and brings it to me so proudly.  Who knew a dandilion could make me so happy?  And often, when I ask my second son to do something he will respond by saying “okay, sweet momma.” 

And I literally melt into a puddle. 

While I was quite pregnant with my first son, my husband and I were in an elevator and an older woman was chatting with me.  She asked if I was having a boy or a girl. ” A boy.”  I told her. 

She smiled really widely and said…

“You are so blessed.  Boys get better and better as they grow up.  Girls are the opposite, they are so sweet and fun in the beginning and then the older they get, the sass takes over and it gets alot harder before it gets easier again.  It’s not like that with boys.  They love their mommas and will cherish them as they grow.” 

That was an interesting perspective that I had never heard before.  And it’s a conversation that I’ve never forgotten.  So far, she seems to be spot on!

ccmb boy mom


So momma’s of boys, I salute you. 

Being a boy mom is not for the faint of heart, but it sure is a wonderful adventure. 

Hang in there boy mommas.  Keep patching those knee holes, stocking the fridge, checking pockets for lizards, and remember how special you will always be to your sweet little boy.  No matter who he grows up to be, no matter who he grows up to love, his first love will always be his momma.

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Rachel and her family are new to the Coastal Bend. They moved here last fall from a small town north of Austin where they lived for the last 10 years. Rachel is a part time pharmacist and a full time mom of 3! Her faith in Jesus and her love of family are the cornerstones of her life. Originally an Okie, she has a bachelors degree from Oklahoma State (Go Pokes!) and a Pharm D from Southwestern Oklahoma State. She works a few days a month as a relief pharmacist for a retail pharmacy chain and as an author for a company that sells pharmacy study materials. She has been married to her high school sweetheart since 2005 and stays busy with their 6 and 4 year old boys, their 18 month old baby girl, and their 3 dogs. Rachel and her family LOVE the beach and all the activities that come along with it! She also loves to craft, scrapbook, decorate, party plan, on-line bargain shop, travel, and garden. Rachel is a big fan of sunshine, Mexican food, organization, and Diet Coke. She feels very blessed in this life and is excited to be a part of CCMB!