5 “good” things about winter (from a cold weather intolerant, summer lover!)


Today I am missing summer.  I am missing the sunshine.  The warmth.  The happiness that summer brings me.  Today is yet another gloomy, gray, wet & wintery day.

Boy in a black winter hat, long sleeves, and pants, hugging himself, looking out at the cold ocean. Large granite boulders create a jetty on the right hand side. Waves are crashing against the jetty.

My family moved to the Coastal Bend for the beach and the climate.  And as ridiculous as this sounds, when wintery-like weather rears its ugly head, I feel almost betrayed by mother nature.

I have lived in Texas for well over a decade now and have become quite acclimated to the heat.  I don’t even mind it anymore.  I MUCH prefer blistering heat to wet, windy, cold, winter.  And I realize that our “winters” are extremely mild compared to almost everyone else’s but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like this season.  So, to lift my mood today, I am making a list of the GOOD things about winter.  Here we go:

1. Blankets

I love blankets.  Throw blankets, car blankets, electric blankets, you name it.  If it’s a type of blanket, I probably own it and love it.  Winter is a good season to use blankets.

2. Fun winter accessories

This season, I am really into vests, booties, and faux fur.  In the summer, I can’t wear any of these.  So winter gets a bonus point there.

3. Hot cocoa

Let’s be real, hot cocoa is delicious and you cant go drinking it in the summertime.  So, I’ll give you that winter, you are the season for cocoa drinking.

4. Cold Beach Days are Kind of Fun

The fishing is actually pretty great when it’s cold outside! And bonus: the beaches aren’t usually crowded. So bundle up, grab your rods and, catch a fish or two!

Photo of an ominous, dark and cloudy sky. On the beach. Waves crash upon the shore. Standing on the shore, a woman in jeans, a white puffer coat, white knit hat, and aviator sunglasses. She is holding a fish up to close to her face, about to kiss it!5. The promise of spring!!

My  absolute most favorite thing about winter: the end of it, with the promise of spring in sight!  The season that opens the door to sundress, sandals, swimming, beaching, and basking in the sun!

My boys at the beach with sun rays shining down

So there you have it.

Five “good” things about winter.

{Cue the eye roll.}  🙂

If you need me, I’ll just be here cuddled under my electric blanket, drinking hot cocoa and waiting for spring!  Stay warm out there mommas, and remember, spring is coming…

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Rachel and her family are new to the Coastal Bend. They moved here last fall from a small town north of Austin where they lived for the last 10 years. Rachel is a part time pharmacist and a full time mom of 3! Her faith in Jesus and her love of family are the cornerstones of her life. Originally an Okie, she has a bachelors degree from Oklahoma State (Go Pokes!) and a Pharm D from Southwestern Oklahoma State. She works a few days a month as a relief pharmacist for a retail pharmacy chain and as an author for a company that sells pharmacy study materials. She has been married to her high school sweetheart since 2005 and stays busy with their 6 and 4 year old boys, their 18 month old baby girl, and their 3 dogs. Rachel and her family LOVE the beach and all the activities that come along with it! She also loves to craft, scrapbook, decorate, party plan, on-line bargain shop, travel, and garden. Rachel is a big fan of sunshine, Mexican food, organization, and Diet Coke. She feels very blessed in this life and is excited to be a part of CCMB!