Meet the CBMC Writers: Melissa Palacios


Meet the Writers: Say Hello to Melissa Palacios!

Corpus Christi

Hey there friends! My name is Melissa, many people call me Mel, but my favorite person in the world calls me mommy. I am a Corpus Christi native but ventured off Dallas and Houston before making my way back to my city by the bay. I’m thankful to call Corpus Christi home for the past 15 years. I love visiting bigger cities, but for me, the Coastal Bend is a perfect mix of southern charm and city lifestyle. Plus, we have some of the friendliest people and the tastiest food! Living in Corpus Christi means, drives down Ocean Drive, beach days on a whim, staycations in Rockport, outdoor festivals and markets, and lots of great live music! My daughter and co-pilot, Gianna is always up for an adventure, so we love exploring different parts of the city and making new friends.

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My motherhood journey began on my 35th birthday. My water broke at work during a breakfast birthday party. And to this day, my daughter still likes to make an entrance! I wasn’t due for another 3 weeks, I didn’t have a bag packed, or wrapped up things at work, my doctor was on vacation and I was scheduled for my maternity tour that weekend. That was my first lesson has a new parent, go with the flow and trust God’s timing, not your own. Early the next morning, Gianna Janelle was born and she will forever be my favorite birthday blessing.

baby    Meet Melissa

Now at age 5, she is an intelligent, fashionable, loving, kinder princess.  I love seeing her independence and confidence as she explores the world around her. Becoming a mother showed me how resourceful and strong I could be. Who knew I could be on a Zoom call, placing an HEB curbside order, while playing Barbies and have dinner cooking in the oven? Nobody tells you that when you become a mother, you also become a highly functioning multi-tasker, but it’s true! It’s just one of the many superpowers God gifts us with. Gigi’s independence and zest for life is contagious and becoming a mother has encouraged me to become a braver, kinder, and more carefree version of myself. I owe so much to a toddler that probably has no idea the impact her smile and hugs have on this mommy.


I am beyond thrilled to be part of such an amazing group of women and mothers. I hope we all can encourage and learn from each other. I have recently entered the world of co-parenting and I hope that my contribution to the CBMC will be helpful, uplifting, and even if just somehow relatable to anyone on this same current journey. I truly believe there are so many ways to have a loving and wonderful family. So, as I adapt and explore my new family dynamic, I’m grateful to be in the company of so many strong, creative and talented Coastal Bend mamas!

Mel and Gigi