Meet the Team: LaDonna



Hello Coastal Bend friends! I’m so excited to be joining the team at Coastal Bend Mom Collective, and look forward to engaging with the other moms on the team, as well as each of you individually- quite a feat for an introvert like me! Lol!  So, a little bit about myself; I’m a South Texas transplant- originally from Oklahoma, then to Houston, and down to Corpus for what was supposed to be 9 months…yeah, right!  The sparkling city that I fell in love with on vacation when I was 10 years old has been my home for almost 20 years now!  I just recently transitioned from a neurosurgical career over to my clinical practice as a board-certified doctor of natural medicine, and we are due to open the doors on our second clinical location on October 1st!


My husband and I have two children, whom I affectionately refer to as Chaos and Anarchy.  Chaos is my 15-year-old daughter, Courtney, and Anarchy is my 20-year-old son, Cole.  Being a mom of older kids gives me a slightly different perspective than a lot of the moms here- I can firmly say that you’ll make it through those hard days, and potty training does not last forever!  I’m a no-nonsense kind of parent, but I’ve always tried to find my own way of parenting that worked well for my kids and myself.  My two know that I can be your closest friend *if you act right*.  Otherwise, I’m ‘Mom’ first, and ‘friend’ second.  ALL MOMS ARE NOT ALIKE and that is perfectly fine!  In fact, it’s natural.  Maybe that’s where my heart really comes into the equation for this project.


Writing for the CBMC is such a great honor and opportunity for me.  I think we have way too many picture-perfect Instagram setups that we compare ourselves to, and not enough moms saying, ‘I have no idea what that is on the couch, and I don’t know when the laundry was last folded.’ Perfection shouldn’t be our goal, peace should be. This can be achieved in so many ways, and that should be what we talk about!  For me, ‘peace’ is ‘deconstructed meals’, improvising on a homeschool lesson, and implementing natural helpers to make our days easier.  I’m looking forward to sharing my first CBMC blog post with you all on exactly some of those points!

So thank you for having me, and I can’t wait to start meeting you all!