Meet the Team: Jerin


Coastal Bend

Hi, I’m Jerin! I’m about as local as they come! I spent my childhood in Ingleside, lived in Corpus Christi for about seven years, then Portland for three, and now we are happily back in Corpus Christi!


I am happily married to my hottie husband of 6 years, Ray. We have two sweet daughters in Heaven, and three sweet sons in our home. Judah is 4, Jonah is 2, and Caleb is 6 months! You could say I’m pretty deep in the #boymom life!

I am a self-described “crunchy-ish” (heavy on the “ish”) Stay at Home Mom, and hubby is in tech.

We are both very passionate people, and I love sharing some of what we’ve learned along the way in these early years of our marriage and parenting journey.

Meet Jerin

We enjoy playing music, reading, drinking coffee, having iPhone photo shoots, and enjoying the natural beauty our beautiful city has to offer. Since our oldest son just turned 4, we are learning all about homeschooling! We are pretty much rookies in most areas of life, so you can expect to see posts from me about learning these things. I absolutely love meeting people (moms are my favorite) and having coffee and conversation, but I’m not one to talk about the weather or pop culture – let’s get past the small talk.

I deeply value honesty, transparency, truth, and vulnerability in my friendships and writing. I like to discuss the practical, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of motherhood because I believe they are all connected.


Meet Jerin
I hope to bring content that is useful and encouraging to you, and I look forward to making new friends here and learning from one another along the way.

May your day be full of peace and joy, and may your coffee be stronger than your toddlers.


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