Meet The CBMC Writers: Maria Perez


Meet the CBMC Writers: Say hello to Maria!

Meet Maria

I am a Corpus Christi native and very proud of it. I went to Collegiate High School where my love for civic involvement first budded. From there I was eventually an intern with the City’s Public  Information Office, PIO. This helped me develop my social media and communications skills. Now, I am currently freelancing for all things creative. Social Media management, event planning, Wedding planning, and day/week/and month-of coordination! I get paid to talk and help people. It’s the best!


Corpus Christi

My husband EJ and I have two children. Wesley who was born August 2020 and Bella, short for Bellatrix, who was adopted November 2018 from the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Between Bella, my husband, and I Wesley has a lot of eyes on him while at home. While pregnant I listened to a lot of true crime podcasts and watched a lot of The Office and The Golden Girls and now Wesley will sit and listen/watch them! As Michael Scott would say, “It’s a win, win, win.”

Wesley is now one, wild I know, and we stayed true to current fashion and had an Office themed party. I work off of a weird mix of gentle parenting and losing my mind, which is relatable. I think. 

Meet Maria


I love writing and talking, hello I get paid for it, and am so excited to be a part of CCMB! Staying connected, having a safe place for open conversation,  and an unwavering support system is important in regards to growing and going forward. Being able to use the madhouse of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum during lockdown and as the rest of the pandemic has been enlightening. There are so many moms and families going through the same thing and I’m glad being truly raw and open has helped!  I’m excited to continue to be a part of something that helped me through my pregnancy and in the first few weeks of momming.