Meet the CBMC Writers: Courtney Cotharn-Lambert!


Meet the Writers: Say Hello to Courtney-Cotharn Lambert!

Hi Everyone! My name is Courtney Cotharn-Lambert. My family and I just made a year in the Coastal Bend. We moved here for my hubby’s job. He works on water in refineries. It still shocks me sometimes that we live this close to the beach. I joke with my hubs all the time that we don’t take enough advantage of it! We’re originally from Baton Rouge, LA. I was born in Waco, and raised in Denham Springs, Louisiana. My hubby was born and raised in LA. So this is his first time being away from all he’s ever known. We both like it for the most part. We’ve made some pretty great friendship connections and have gotten plugged into a home church. We live in Calallen and the only complaint is it can be far from a lot of stuff; and the drive is hard on my O9’ Honda! Practical me doesn’t want a car note, and hates these gas prices!

My hubby and I are coming up on eight years married in December. His name is Garrett. I’m a mama of five. Three living, two in heaven. Both of my older two are rainbow babies and my youngest is a golden baby. I have a boy who is six, his name is Louie; and two girls. A four year old named Codie, and an almost ten month old named Murphie. I’m a better mama with a baby on my hip and will be so sad to no longer have a baby. Y’all reach back out to me after she turns one. I’ll be a basket case of emotions! Murphie was such a surprise and a blessing and she’s been so fun! There’s something so bittersweet watching the last baby of your family grow up that first year. I love babies and supporting mamas. I’m a postpartum doula, and fully enjoy supporting families in the Coastal Bend. Snuggling and loving on newborns and helping support families in that transition makes my heart go pitter patter. I love being the reason a mama feels rested, heard, and supported during those first few weeks home. Plus hello more baby snuggles.

In Baton Rouge, I used to write for another mama blog and I loved having that outlet. It was a great way to jot down thoughts, ideas, and hopes. Motherhood at times can feel so isolating, and it was always so refreshing to know someone else might be thinking or feeling the way I was. Plus, hello experience! If someone else walked through something before I did; I wanted to use their experiences and apply it to mine. Or if I could help them not feel so alone in their experiences I wanted to do my part. I’m still a firm believer that we weren’t meant to walk the motherhood journey alone. We are supposed to have help and villages. I want to be a part of that village however I can. Either as a resource or someone who regularly gets the support. Family or close family wasn’t really an option for me or my husband when it came to feeling supported in our parenthood. We relied so often on friendships for that, and continue to do so. I want to be that person to whomever needs it. That’s why I like to write. That’s why I wanted to be a part of Coastal Bend Moms Blog. I want to be supportive of the mamas in the Coastal Bend in writing and in person. I hope you enjoy my scribbles of thoughts and forgive my ADHD rambles! Looking forward to writing more!

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Courtney Lambert
Courtney is a Texas born, Louisiana raised, Corpus Christi transplant. She and her family - 1 boy and 2 girls (The last girl addition was born in Texas just like her mama!) moved to Corpus in June of 2021 for her husband’s job. Courtney is a postpartum doula, babysitter, and night nanny. She also homeschools her kiddos and tries to sleep until 9 AM at the earliest! You can find her at home if she’s not working, and/or sleeping as often as possible. In between she likes free adventuring in Corpus parks and beaches when it’s not summertime. October-March are her favorite months here and she’s still on the hunt for some decent Corpus food. That Louisiana palette is hard to satisfy! She loves meeting new people, and loving on babies and mamas. She hopes her scribbles can resonate just a little; and or give you a giggle.