THE ROSE: A Girl’s New Best Bud!


Every year – you’ll read about the hottest new toys/gifts for kids.  But today — we are talking about a toy that has all the ladies “buzzing”…. L I T E R A L L Y!  (and no, we are not talking about alcohol).


It is a “flower” that will make your pretty pink petal purr with sweet satisfaction. I am talking about the now infamous Rose sold on Amazon

The “buzz” started early this year when someone posted a viral video on TikTok raving about her very positive review of the pleasure toy. This video caused curious women to quickly click on over to purchase the pleasure product – making it an instant Amazon bestseller.  I admit, I am one of those women swayed by the numerous reviews.

Before I get into the ins and outs of my new best “bud” – let’s look at some fun facts about vibrators.


While no one really wants to talk about these “handy” devices — it is a $34 billion industry.  

The rose shaped fun factory — fits into the palm of your hand.  The top of the “petals” has an opening that – when turned on – creates a suctioning effect.  Don’t worry, you have a few speeds/levels to choose from.  You can then place the petals directly onto your sweet spot and let the magic begin.

Confession:  I am married and we are a couple that uses toys to enhance our love making. Now, this is not something I run around and talk about at parties with my gal pals.  It’s a private and personal investment and I am writing this anonymously because I am not interested in being judged (or for my parents and kids to read).

We have a few devices in our arsenal that we have used over the years.  The Rose is the first toy I purchased by myself (after watching those viral videos).  And I can report, with much satisfaction, that it is A M A Z I N G. 

In case you need more confirmation — I’ll leave you with a few reviews I found online:

  • “This isn’t a purchase, it’s an INVESTMENT”
  • “I was smiling for 45 minutes straight”
  • “Your lady bit will be singing ‘A whooooole newwww worrrrrld’ Get ready.”
  • “Soul sucker”
  • “1000/10”
  • “I saw God today”

Now – if you are intrigued, treat yourself with a Valentine’s Day gift you’ll actually like and you definitely won’t need to fake. You are worth it!

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