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Recently, I’ve seen many posts on my Facebook feed that exhort the importance of date night.  

I scroll past pictures that many of my friends share of themselves, showing the deliciously prepared food they’re about to eat, or them sitting in the movie theater, waiting to watch a movie that I may not see until it makes it’s way to DVD.  Don’t misinterpret my tone.  My husband and I have our date nights, they just don’t look like everyone else’s.  

Our date nights usually consist of some type of food and Netflix.

Sitting and holding hands with my husband while watching movies is my absolute favorite thing to do. Everyone goes to bed and we get to be alone.  Netflix dates are working for us in this season of our lives: a season that consists of watching Finding Dory at least once a day. We have watched this movie far too many times. We’re at a point where we are having character and plot analysis discussions. If this is where you find yourself,  I’d like to share some of me and my husband’s favorite shows on Netflix that we’ve enjoyed watching together.  We prefer a good series over movies because they’re shorter, so if we fall asleep we won’t miss much. 


Believe it or not we watched all 11 seasons.  I was fairly young when this show originally aired, but this is a really great show. It makes you feel like an intellectual if you understand the jokes.  I’m still not quite sure why Frasier speaks with that accent. 


This was all my husband’s idea.  I was barely alive when this show was on TV, but I loved every episode I watched. This show makes you laugh and cry.  You become attached to all the characters and are sad when they are sent home from war.  

The Office

Do I even need to give an explanation? I didn’t realize how long it’s been since this show was originally on TV, but it’s comedy still stands the test of time.  I will never tire of Dwight Schrute’s weird antics or Jim Halpert’s adorable half grin. There’s also something about laughing together that just brings life’s stresses to a standstill.  


A show filled with 1980s and 1990s nostalgia.  I’m pretty sure MacGyver is the only person, maybe besides Billy Ray Cyrus, who can make a mullet look good.  It really is a silly show that makes you feel like anything is possible.  I know that now I’m able to disable a bomb, or build my own powerboat from random items found laying around if needed. I’m who you want around in a dire situation.

Stranger Things

If you enjoy anything written by Stephen King, or are a child of the 80’s, you’ll love Stranger Things.  If you’re not a fan of Science Fiction, I think this show might just make you change your mind.  This show is a time warp into the 1980s and it’s just fun to reminisce and giggle at their wardrobe and hair.  

The Great British Baking Show

When I started watching this show, my husband said “Oh yea, I’m totally not interested in this show,” but guess what? He was hooked after “accidentally” watching one or two episodes with me.  Now he would like me to bake him a nice sponge and crisp biscuits.  This show is a breath of fresh air.  The contestants are really nice people and there’s no crazy drama.  It also makes me want to drink a cup of Earl Grey and sing God Save the Queen, which I have no clue how to sing.  

Date nights are what will keep you connected. They don’t need to be elaborate or costly, just comfortable and fun.  

I know this isn’t a long list, but it’s a start and I know it’s not like this is my own original idea, but date nights are important.  You should never stop pursuing your spouse even when life is crazy and the two of you hardly see each other.

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Vanessa has lived in Corpus Christi all her life. She has been married to her husband, James, for three years. Alone time is scarce in their household with Finley {9 months,} Mikayla {8,} and James III {18} hanging around all the time. Their family loves movie nights, especially with Hot Tamales and Whoppers mixed in their popcorn! Vanessa loves all things nerdy! She loves the written word, and is a little obsessed with Jane Austin and William Shakespeare. She even has a collection of Shakespearian Star War novels! {Told you she’s a nerd!} Vanessa is a full time teacher and fortunate enough to share her love of reading and writing with her students everyday!