Our Mommy AND Daddy Vacation


Up to this point, I have had few girls’ weekends away. And my husband, being the avid hunter and fisherman he is, has without a doubt, had his fair share of time away since we had our first child. But my husband and me? Together? We FINALLY had our big adult time vacation getaway away without our girl!

I can not even begin to tell you how refreshing this was for us. We went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and stayed at an all inclusive resort with 3 other couples who are some of our most dear friends. Let me tell you, we are already planning our next get away.

adult time                     adult time

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As hard as it was to leave the country and remove all  the scary thoughts that crossed our minds, this was so necessary, and all of us needed time away from work, schedules, and making breakfast lunch and dinner. We needed time without worries of cleaning and bedtimes.

Our vacation was glorious!

So, I thought I would share some things we did to help make our trip better for Mimi and Pops, our girl, and ourselves!

1. Write out a letter giving basic information.

This is super helpful on every spectrum.


  • Ideas for meals
  • A schedule of how a normal day in our home goes
  • Medicine to give if anything comes up! (teething, tummy aches, allergies)
  • Insurance information and pictures of your insurance card
  • Letter giving permission to get medical attention if needed

We were lucky enough to have my in laws willing to keep our child through the week. Aunts and cousins came in to help. We could NOT be more grateful for everyone’s love and the time they invested!

2. I packed a large bag for my daughter, as I figured this was a time that I couldn’t overpack. Just in case anything was needed, I wanted to have it there.

  • All of the the above medicine (motrin, benadryl, diaper cream)
  • Food- oatmeal, snacks, juice, dinners
  • Clothes, pajamas, and shoes
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Diapers and wipes

3. We took our own pack n play and made sure to have a blanket and stuffed animal from home so our girl felt like she knew where she was.

My husband and I had some bumps in the road getting to our destination, but gosh it was worth it. Being able to get away with your spouse and your friends is SO wonderful, of course, most of the mom convos led back to the kids, who we were all super excited to get home and see. But having adult time with days by the pool, having as many drinks as we wanted {and when we wanted!}, quiet meals, sleeping in, and getting to sit around and just TALK was amazing and so needed!

One day we went offshore fishing- I highly recommend the non drowsy dramamine!
This was our crew, at the resorts swim up bar! An all inclusive resort is definitely the way to go!

I hope everyone can get away post kids and enjoy some much deserved adult time, even though getting ready is way more work than prior to kids! It is well worth the time to plan, and makes you come back a better parent.

Thank you friends for the laughs, thoughtful conversations, drinks, dinners, and an all around amazing vacation!


  1. Looks like you had fun! On the rare occasion that we left our babies overnight, I always made sure I left a detailed schedule and information sheet, too! Great ideas!

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