How I Save My Husband Tons of Money


Marriage can be difficult at times when partners differ in shopping habits. My husband is a big time saver, while I, on the other hand, can be a bit of a spender. You see, I’m not one of those wives you see in the movies that spends all the money her hard-working husband earns on tennis bracelets and purses; I’m a bit different from that.

How I Save My Husband Tons of Money

What I love are great deals that allow me to stretch my dollar miles wide. I rarely buy any clothing items that are not on sale, as I know they will eventually find their way to the sale rack. Where I struggle is definitely quantity. If I find myself in a clothing store with a great sale, I simply cannot walk out with 1-2 items that I love. I have to sift through the racks and walk out with every item I love that is within my budget (usually around $5 or less). In the end, I may end up spending $60 to $100, but hey, they were too cheap to pass up!

These shopping sprees don’t happen often, just randomly when I stumble upon a good sale. But because of the quantity, my husband thinks I’m a bit of a compulsive shopper. I always argue that I saved money because of the great sales I found, but he always counters that I would have saved more money if I didn’t shop at the sale at all. It is a bit true that sales do entice me to spend more than I normally would, but at least my closet is looking good. So for that reason, here are 10 ways that I actually save my husband money:

  1. I Don’t Care For Brand Name Items

One great thing about me is that I couldn’t care less what brand is printed on my clothing label or purses. So long as the clothes look good and feel good, I’m good to go!

  1. I Don’t Get My Hair Colored

I guess you could say that I am blessed to have a hair color I like and feel comfortable with. I think my brunette hair complements my skin tone well and I cannot see myself going any other color. However, I did notice gray hair recently, so give it a few years, and I’m sure my virgin hair will be no more.

  1. I Rarely Get My Nails Done

I absolutely love the beautiful nail designs that so many women rock, but for my lifestyle, nails just aren’t practical. I can’t type well or clean dishes efficiently. Not to mention they break so easily and are very pricey. Of course, once in a while, I love an upcoming event to justify a new set.

  1. I Rarely Drink Alcohol

Now I like alcohol just as much as the next gal, but only under certain circumstances. We need to have a babysitter for the night and an Uber lined up to take us home. Otherwise, I don’t see the point of a single drink with dinner. I like alcohol for the effects, and if I am still the acting guardian of my child at the time, I’d rather not be drinking. I’m a distracted person as is. I need to be 100% to keep up with my child!

  1. I Do Not Have a Coffee Addiction

For some reason, I just cannot get into the taste of coffee. I’ve tried all the different creamers and syrups, but it’s just not for me. Not to mention, it heightens my anxiety. I’m more of an iced-tea drinker, so if you ever catch me in a Starbucks line, it’s probably for a black tea. And don’t worry, I’m using my rewards app.

  1. I Order Cheap at Restaurants

I love eating out at restaurants, but mostly just for the ambiance. Getting out of the house just does wonders for my mental health. Whenever we go out, I always order a water since I don’t drink enough water as is. I also usually never order an appetizer as I will probably get full before my meal. I naturally just try to keep my meal $10 or under as I’ve never had trouble finding good options at the restaurants we dine at.

  1. I’m Not Obsessed With Makeup

I’m sure if I had time and energy, I might be obsessed with makeup; but alas, I don’t. The only makeup I own is all from CVS pharmacy and a few local cosmetics boutiques (shoutout to Lemonade Stand Cosmetics). I’m a very simple gal and try to keep my makeup routine 5 minutes and under. After some BB cream, powder, mascara, and lip gloss, I’m out the door.

  1. I Don’t Constantly Update My Technology

If it weren’t for switching phone providers, I’d probably still be using my iPhone 6S. I tend to take great care of my technology and don’t switch it out until I absolutely have to. My only big downfall is that all my technology has to be Apple.

  1. I Don’t Care for Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is just not my thing. I’m far too worried my I’ll lose an expensive pair of diamond earrings or drop it down the sink. I have a few Kendra Scott and James Avery pieces, but everything else is probably from the Dollar Tree. Heck, my wedding ring doesn’t even have a diamond on it. I opted for a pearl instead.

  1. I Will Drive My Car Until It Gives Out

Growing up, my family raised me as a die-hard Toyota fan. My mom sold her old Toyota Camry in the 90s at 100,000 miles and still saw it driving around town for many years to come. Now as an adult, I take excellent care of my Toyota Rav4. My 6-year old car looks like it just drove off the lot and I will drive her until she decides to stop.

Aside from my compulsive sale-shopping habits, I’d say I’m a pretty simple gal. I don’t obsess over any type of product or service. I look at these things as nice treats every once in a while, although I do realize some of these things serve as great self-care. So don’t feel bad if you obsess over anything on my list. We each have different preferences, so embrace them. But if you’re anything like me, make sure to show your husband this list next time he has anything to say about your “expensive” shopping habits.

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Katarina Garcia
Katarina moved to the Coastal Bend area in 2014 to pursue her degree in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi. She met her husband, Mike, her junior year of college while working as a resident advisor for on-campus housing. Katarina’s senior year was full of monumental life moments including getting pregnant, getting engaged, giving birth to her son Maxon, and graduating all in the span of 10 months. If it’s anything she learned during this time it’s how resilient women are through life’s ups and downs. Having suffered from postpartum depression, Katarina has made it her mission to shed light on perinatal mood disorders so that not one more woman suffers alone. During her free time, Katarina enjoys tumbling classes, blogging (personal IG blog handle @average.joe.momma), advocating, and teaching her son about all the wonders of the world.