Dad’s Favorite Movies- Just in time for Father’s Day!


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Father’s Day is coming up this month and I was thinking about what to do for my husband. Obviously, dads are just like moms: they vary in their interests. But, I figure everyone loves movies, right? So, I set out to see what movies the dads in our lives love watching. When I sat down to write this post, I had a list of movies in mind and then I ran it by my husband and realized that he and I differ in movie taste at times. So I took to social media and I asked all my Facebook friends (who are dads) what their favorite movies were.

I could not help but think of my own dad and how we used to watch movies together. I thought of some of his favorite movies to add to the list. We used to bond over watching movies together it was the best.

Here are a handful of the top picks that were mentioned.

family movie time

Top Movies Dads Picked:

Martial Arts
IP Man
Karate Kid
Blood Sport
Enter the Dragon

Die hard
The Fast and the Furious
Marvel Movies (these could also go under Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
John Wick

The Magnificent Seven
Young Guns

The Godfather
The Dark Knight
Heartbreak Ridge

Talladega Nights (could also go under comedy)

Terminator (could also be action)
Back to the Future
Marvel Movies (Found under action also)
Star Wars (movies)

These movies are all handpicked by dads, their favorite go to movies. So, when you want to have some quality down time with dad (or hubby) suggest one of these movies. Pick up some of his favorite movie snacks and tell him to sit back and relax.

Have you guys or gals seen any or all of these movies?

What are your dad’s favorites?

Dad's Favorite Movies

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