What’s in Your Cup? National Caffeine Awareness Month


March is National Caffeine Awareness Month. Are you like me and can’t do without your morning cup of coffee? Or need a pick me up during the day? Then this post is for you my fellow coffee drinkers. What is your favorite drink? I prefer a café mocha or Frappuccino. One of the best gifts I ever got was my Keurig. There is nothing like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning.

A cup of coffee on a desk

There are so many different ways people drink it nowadays: Iced, hot, lattes, espressos etc. Coffee is not the only thing that contains caffeine either, energy drinks, sodas (coke, pop whatever you may call them), chocolate, and dark chocolate all contain caffeine.

The recommended amount for caffeine intake is 400mg/day safe for most adults. Of course, it is always wise to know what you are putting into your body. There are pros and cons to drinking caffeine. Here are a few:

     Pros                                                                                     Cons

  • Lifts energy levels                                          ■    Raised blood pressure
  • Burns fat                                                       ■    Increased anxiety
  • Source of antioxidants                                    ■    Withdrawal headaches

Who doesn’t love the big brands like Starbucks (boy do I love me some Starbucks!), but there are plenty of local and non-local brands to try out. Why don’t you let me know your favorites and I will tell you mine? Here are some I have been enjoying lately.

  • Café Ole- (by HEB) I love to drink Taste of San Antonio, it has hints of cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla.
  • Dunkin’- My drink of choice French Vanilla K-Cup Pods
  • Black Rifle Coffee Company– (owned and operated my military veterans) I just started drinking this coffee and so far I love the chocolate-flavored coffee rounds

So, if you have a hankering for a caffeinated beverage maybe try one of my favorites or discover a new one for yourself. Happy Drinking!

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Jessica Davila
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