Quick and Easy Summertime Watermelon Recipes


Ahhhh summertime! A time full of get togethers with friends and family, full days with kiddos on summer vacation and the hot Corpus Christi sun! What better way to cool off this summer than with some mom-approved watermelon recipes?

Watermelon is a quick and simple snack that is easy to prepare in a variety of different ways! First thing first, how to pick the perfect watermelon.

  1. Look for a watermelon that has a uniform shape. Round=Ripe. You want to make sure the watermelon is free of bruises, dents and holes.
  2. The perfect watermelon should be heavy for its size. Heavy=Ripe. If you are picking between two same sized watermelons, always go for the heavier one.
  3. The field spot, where the watermelon sat in the field while ripening, should be darker in color. If the field spot is white or nonexistent, the watermelon will probably not be ripe.
  4. The ideal watermelon will be dark green in color and dull, not shiny. Dark and Dull=Ripe.

There are several different ways to slice your watermelon… you can cut it into wedges, cut it in rounds and slice like a pizza, or cube it for easy eating and mixing into other dishes. Check out this video on an easy and kid-friendly way to slice a watermelon. Great for sharing with multiple kiddos and it creates a built in handle to keep hands sticky free!

My personal favorite way to use a watermelon is to create fruit serving centerpieces out of the watermelon rind. There are endless possibilities on what you can make with your watermelon, whatever your party theme, just create a watermelon centerpiece to match! Check out these fun ideas from pinterest!

Watermelon Fruit Tray
Compliments of my husband!

Watermelon is a sweet and juicy fruit that can be used in drinks, appetizers, frozen treats, salads and so much more! Here are a few fun and refreshing recipes for you to try.

  • Sweet, Salty and Spicy Watermelon Refresher– The perfect blend of peppers, fruit and veggies make this a go to summer salad!
  • Watermelon Salsa– The prep time on this one is a little long, but sooo worth it! The sweet with the spice and the salt of the chips… oh man, you have to try it!
  • Arugula, Watermelon and Feta Salad– A Barefoot Contessa recipe, so you know it is delicious! Perfect for a summer dinner!
  • Fruit Pizza– This one is fun for the kiddos to help with. Have them pick out their toppings and load up their “pizza” slice. We always let ours “cook” in the fridge while we eat dinner.
  • Watermelon Cake- Great for summer parties, baby showers, or birthdays. A healthier take on cake!
  • Boozy Watermelon Mint Lemonade– After mom-ing it up all day, this is a nice, refreshing beverage to enjoy after the kiddos go to bed, or while they are running around during the day 🙂

Do you have some favorite watermelon recipes? We would love to hear all about them!!


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