Kids Halloween Themed Food


I am so excited that the holidays are right around the corner, I hope it starts to get out of the quarantine funk. Every holiday season comes, and I feel like that’s when I thrive more as a mom. I give a little more effort each year because I know my kids are only this little once. I love to spend an extra few minutes in the mornings doing something for my kids that will bring a smile to their faces. A little can go a long way with them, and I have learned they will eat healthier food when it is shaped into fun designs. The best part about all of it, you don’t have to spend a fortune doing any of this. We use things that go a long way: holiday theme cookie cutters, and holiday napkins for their lunchboxes. I will either purchase these things at the end of the holiday season for almost nothing for the next year, or I will find items at the dollar tree, TJMaxx, or Hobby Lobby.

At the end of the day, as much we love celebrating fun holidays, it is about making memories, and spending time together. You can even have your kids help make all the Halloween themed food with you, and they will be just as excited.


What better way to open up your lunchbox to find a spider sandwich, with ghost cheese? I like to use 100% whole wheat bread for a little less sugar, and better for them. You can use whatever sandwich filling to their liking, with dark chocolate chip eyes for a little sweet treat. The ghost is easy, kids string cheese and a sharpie!

Nothing difficult about these cinnamon rolls, just pinch the top of the dough for a stem before baking and mix food coloring in your icing.

Candy Corn Pizza: 100% whole wheat tortilla, drizzle with olive oil, rub all over the tortilla, add Italian seasoning, and garlic. Add pizza marinara all over the tortilla, sprinkle mozzarella cheese in the center, and cheddar cheese on the outside layer. Bake or broil until cheese is melted.

Monster tacos: These you can customize to your child’s preference, but I cooked lean ground beef and added taco seasoning to it. Layered a broken taco (or tostada) with beans, and meat (for protein), cilantro corn (I cook with butter, garlic, paprika, chili powder), greek yogurt, avocado “teeth” and olive “eyes”

Simple Lunchable. Using cookie cutters for fresh deli meat and cheese, and use a knife for cucumber face cutout.

Banana ghost. All it takes is three dark chocolate chips…who knew?

Kids Halloween Themed Food

One of my favorites, Mr. Frankentein folded wrap. You can use a spinach tortilla, folded over pretzels and marshmallow ends. I like to switch this up with meat and cheese, and chicken salad in the filling. You can use whatever filling your kids like and make his face to the kids’ food preference, or whatever you have on hand. (I used cheese and olives)

Kids Halloween Themed Food

Apple teeth are as simple as they look: sliced apple, kids favorite nut butter, marshmallows pressed in between

Kids Halloween Themed Food

Is there anything cuter than a pumpkin quesadilla? I use 100% whole wheat tortillas, with cheese, and lean ground beef taco meat if the kids want it. I will add their vegetable by making green bean steam. For the dip, I will give them a scoop of plain greek yogurt (tons of protein) mixed with some taco seasoning, and mild sauce (my son’s favorite is taco bell sauce) mixed in.

Kids Halloween Themed Food

Mummy wraps can be used for breakfast with sausage links, or lunch with hotdogs. You thinly slice croissant into long strips, and carefully wrap each link. Follow baking instructions on the croissant container.


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