How to WOW them with Cake Balls!



These are the single most requested desserts I am asked to make by all my friends.  

When I was a teacher — this was my go to dessert for all the pot lucks.

You can decorate these to make a super fancy looking tasty treat and it’s sure to be a hit.

These are not to be confused with cake pops.  I do not put them on a stick — too messy.

If you are ready to WOW your friends and family – here you go!

Cake Balls Ingredients


Box Cake mix (and ingredients listed on the box)

Jar of chocolate frosting

Chocolate candy coating

White chocolate candy coating

Non-pareil sprinkles (optional)

I like to make mine with a devil’s food cake mix or a dark/triple chocolate cake mix.  I have used red velvet before — but it doesn’t make a great consistency when making the balls.

Here are the easy steps to make the magic happen.

  1. Make the cake according to the box directions
  2. When you take the cake out of the over “FORK” the cake and rip it to shreds.  {YES, you heard that right.  Rip it up and turn it into a demolished cake.}
  3. While hot – stir in an entire jar of chocolate frosting make a very messy chocolate gooey cake mixture.
  4. Cool down in the refrigerator
  5. Roll out the mix into meatball size balls.  Lay the balls out on parchment paper
  6. Melt the chocolate candy coating in a large Pyrex type glass bowl. It is very easy to burn chocolate – so take your time.  I use a microwave on a very low setting, checking every 30 seconds.   ( I prefer the Walmart brand “Great Value”  it coats thin and isn’t too thick)
  7. Using two large spoons – I drop a ball into the bowl of melted chocolate coating all sides. 
  8. Gently place the coated ball onto the parchment paper to dry.  Repeat until all of the balls are coated.
  9. Melt a small amount of white chocolate, put it into either a pastry bag or a Ziploc bag – and decorate with a design of your choice.  I prefer a simple zig zag drizzle. (this is a trick that helps to hide any imperfections of the milk chocolate coating).
  10. While the white chocolate is still wet — you can add additional decorations with sprinkles. You can use plain white for everyday — or you can get creative depending on the occasion.  I love the red and green for Christmas.
  11. Break off excess dried chocolate to make the all look as round as possible,
  12. Last and final step– to really make a great presentation, place each dry ball into a pretty cupcake liner.  I prefer the foil ones for a nicer presentation.

I am not sure where this recipe originated – but it was given to me in my teaching days at Vernon Middle school 2008-2012.

I actually made a youtube video tutorial – if you want to check it out here.  ENJOY!